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Vendor Return through Quality Notification


This document explains an alternate way of vendor return through Quality Notification. This is in integration between MM, QM and SD modules.

Generally, rejection of materials happen at the time of inspection during GR. But there may be certain cases where rejection happens after a long time, may be from shop floor. By the time, vendor invoice verification might have been done already. So, we cannot do a return using 122 movement type. We have to do the return through return PO. Customer may require an automated process to inform the purchase and stores department and do the return of materials. This process explains an automated return process.

Configuration steps

1. Define Quality notification type and assign number ranges.

Path: SPRO –> Quality Management –> Quality Notifications –> Notification Creation –> Notification Type –> Define Notification Types


2. Create Document type for Return PO and assign number ranges. (Optional)

3. Create Sales area for vendor return.


1. Customer master to be created in the sales area for return and assign to Vendor master (In Control data of Vendor master).

2. Material master to be extended in the above sales are.

3. Automatic PO field to be ticked in purchasing view of Material Master.

4. Returns Vendor and Auto PO fields in Vendor Master to be ticked in Purchasing data of vendor master.

5. Shipping condition to be assigned in Vendor master purchasing data.

Process Steps:

1. Quality dept to Create Quality Notification for the material to be returned in T-Code QM01.



     Enter the quantity and Save the notification.

     Enter the Defect Details in Defect Details tab.


2. Purchase Dept to check for any notifications in T-Code QM10, create enrich with purchasing details and create PO and delivery automatically.


     Execute. Select the notification line and click on change notification.

     Enter purchase org, purchase group (and vendor if not entered earlier). Click on Return delivery.


     Enter the PO document type and tax code in the pop up box. Price will be taken from Info record.

     Click on continue. A confirmation pop up will appear. On clicking on Yes, Return PO and delivery will be created.

3. Stores dept to check for any pending PGI in T-code QM10 (for which delivery is created through above step).

     Execute QM10 as above and select the notification pending for PGI. Click on edit notification.


     Click on Change outbound delivery. System will take you to VL02N screen. Enter the Picking quantity and do PGI.

4. Create Excise invoice in J1IS for the material document as usual if the customer is in India.

5. Post Credit Memo in MIRO as usual.

Through this, we can partially automate the process of vendor return. Also, the quality notification serves as a proof for return and it can provide you the track of the defect details.



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      Excellent work Sudeep.

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      sumanth soma

      hi sudeep after maintaing all the pre-requisites am not able to get this action box after executing qm10, can u help me on this 🙂

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      great job sudeep.............. 🙂

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      nice and valuable document sudeep..

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      Nice work , it is a doc of integrated QM.



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      "Integration Expert" !!!!

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      Thank you AKPT & Dev..

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      Good job. nice document.


      Sanu V

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      Former Member


      I created a Notification with Notification type Q2, in the Action box I cannot execute "Create Return Delivery", can you explain the reason to me?



      Author's profile photo Sudeep A
      Sudeep A
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Danny,

      In custimizing for Quality management, Quality Notifications--> Notification Processing--> Additional Notification Functions--> Define Action Box, make sure your notification type has the below settings (The function module is important).


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      Former Member

      Hi Sudeep,

      I checked the configuration and it is the same as your screenshot, but still not able to create return delivery, the Notification status is NOPR NOTE ATCO.



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      Monst Yang



      As you could see below, "Create Return Delivery" is not able to be clicked.

      could you give some tips on it ? thanks.

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      Hi Sudeep,

      Very good document.



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      Really nice document.

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      Former Member

      What happens if the vendor sends replacement stock instead of a credit note?

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      Liz Li

      Nice blog, Thanks.

      By the way, is it possible to automatically created a return STO with Quality Notification?