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TechEd 2013 – It’s all about the future

As I write this I am getting ready to pack up and leave beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada and TechEd 2013. I had a chance to meet some great people face to face like Tero Virta and Arndt Spitzer, meet up with some old friends like Jared Kobe and Courtney Mead and also learn from some great SAP people Kare Indroy, Roy Tronstad, Jannis Rondorf, and Kristian Lehment  some who gave some fantastic presentations on IDM. We saw a lot of new functionality coming down the road and the future of IDM is looking pretty bright!

Following Mark Finnern‘s mandate to share what we’ve learned here at TechEd, I’d like to give you some of my impressions.

I think that there were two primary focuses regarding SAP in general and IDM in particular were HANA and UI5/Mobile.

HANA is something new to the IDM arena and while it’s going to start slow, expect it to pick up speed the next couple of years is inevitable. While right now we are pretty much limited to provisioning and de-proivisioning users. In coming service packs, expect the ability to modify users, increase integration and eventually it looks like the end goal is to run IDM on HANA.  It’s going to take some time, but we’ll get there.

The other big thing is definitely UI5 and all the ways you can use it.  Extending IDM through the use of UI5 and RESTful technologies is clearly the future. I saw at least two different approaches on bringing IDM to mobile through apps and HTML. I see some exciting things ahead.

So a lot of what I saw was about IDM’s future and it’s more than just HANA and Mobile. Part of moving ahead is leaving things behind and this will be happening to IDM as well.  But I think it’s something we IDM professionals can live with.

The End of the MMC Console!

It’s going to be a long process, but what I saw in a couple of presentations tells me that in over the next couple of Service Packs.  From what I saw and got to work with in a hands-on session we’re going to see some new and interesting ways of working with IDM.  As it gets closer and more screenshots / documentation becomes available, I’ll be posting more. What we do know now is that it is Eclipse based, will run on Windows and pretty much any UNIX/LINUX and will feature a very neat graphical workflow design tool.  We’ll also see more management content move from the admin console to the Web UI.

If you have the chance to attend TechEd in your particular corner of the World, I strongly suggest you attend so you can meet up, see, and more importantly use all this cool new stuff!

To quote the old 80’s song, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!”

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  • So if the MMC is going away, what will replace it? Will all job, task, repository, etc. management be done through a web interface? VERY interested to know what path of system management will replace MMC.

  • The changes planned in IDM are really interesting. Looking forward to attend TechEd in India.

    Thank you for the details Matt. This is so informative.

  • Hmm, another thing why I would have loved to be in Vegas, too. :/

    I heard from our IdM consultant that the MMC is going to be replaced and he threatened with Eclipse. I don’t know anything about that yet, so it’s a bit of a concern. And a bit frustrating, too, since I now know how to find my stuff in the MMC. And it will all change again with the new management console.

    The new functionality or more the new customizing possibilities are something I really look forward to. But first comes a lot of adjusting and learning again. I sure hope they don’t jump from the current MMC to the new one without me having the possibility to use the old one while learning the new one. So I hope they can co-exist for the start.

    Thank you for summarizing, Matt! *putting on shades* I’m looking forward to more news and screenshots. 😎



    • Steffi,

      Eclipse isn’t all that bad.  I’ve actually been working with it a bit as I teach myself more Java.  So hopefully by the time the new console is released, I will be very comfortable with it.

      The old console won’t be going away immediately, and you’ll probably need it a bit for the first couple of SPs.  It’s going to take some time to map all of that functionality and move it off to Eclipse and the Web Admin UI.

      The version we saw at training was more like a late stage Alpha release.  As soon as I can get my hands on some Beta / Ramp up versions I will post if allowed.


      • Hello Matt,

        that’s kind of a relief. ^^ My problem is that I’m not that much of a programmer. But now the next language is knocking on my door and this one I can’t outrun. *sigh*

        I’ll try installing Eclipse on my computer. What I tried that with the NW Developer Studio I ran into a lot of errors. I hope, the same isn’t awaiting me here.



        • Steffi,

          The good news is that you don’t need to be a programmer to use the new UI. 🙂

          The use of the Eclipse console will make what development we do (Javascript) that much better.

          I’ve not tried installing Eclipse in any of my IDM environments, I’ll have to give it a try.

          If you’re getting errors with the Eclipse install, I would bet that it’s due to Java version conflicts.


          • Yeah, it was definitly Java stuff. Nightmare this. -.-

            But my colleague installed it on his computer (and it didn’t implode ^^), so I’ll just go that way, too. It looks like the Eclipse itself isn’t that much trouble as a stand-alone. But we’ll see how my laptop sees that. 😀



  • The other big things about new Eclipse-based IDE were the version control and packages and how the config can be arranged in packages as transportable units. Global scripts aren’t there anymore but re-using scripts would be possible via the packages somehow.

    The stuff we didn’t yet get to see were how will the SAP Provisioning Framework look like in the new IDE and how to customize it.

    The passes and jobs will still look pretty much the same. One new interesting detail was how the job log shows green icon for the job log entry that is still under processing.

    • One new interesting detail was how the job log shows green icon for the job log entry that is still under processing.


      You mean like it’s doing now in the Status-overview of the different job-folders? ^^ So they’ll kind of merge job log and status page?