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Service Procurement step by step – Special Procurement

Service Procurement

  • Service procurement is the procurement of services.
  • Service procurement in SAP happens in following steps

Step 1: Create PO

  • Create a PO with ME21N Add vendor name, Purchasing Organization, Company Code & Purchasing Group.
  • In PO there will always be account assignment category because service can not be stored physically and it is always consumption. Hence account assignment category in PO is always present.
  • Item category used in PO is “D” i.e. services
  • For the example given below, we have taken account assignment category as K i.e. cost center and item category as D i.e. services


  • At the item level we mention only one item.
  • Detailed services are mentioned in Services tab in the item details section of the PO.
  • After maintaining the service lines, pop up window will appear to maintain the account assignment details for each service lines.


  • Maintain the account assignment.
  • There is auto repeat account assignment button, which can copy the same account assignment to all items
  • Enter the details and save the PO which will generate PO number.

    Step 2: Create Service Entry Sheet

    • Transaction code to create the service entry sheet is ML81N
    • After entering in the transaction, it will show the last PO or SES (Service Entry Sheet) created.
    • Click on Other Purchase Order button in application toolbar and enter the PO no. as shown in screen below.


    • Click on continue from this window.
    • To create a new SES for this PO, click on the New Button in application toolbar, this will create a new entry sheet for the PO.
    • Enter the other details required in the SES as shown below.


    • After entering the header level details, we need to select services from PO. For this click on the service selection button at the bottom of the screen.
    • A pop up will appear selecting the PO no. Click on continue.


      • Next screen will show the services available in PO. Select the services and click on copy services button in the application toolbar.



      • After copying the required services in SES, we can change the quantity of the individual services and then save the SES

      Step 3: Release SES (Service Entry Sheet)

      • SES created needs the approval or release. Then only the account posting happens and the liability is generated.
      • For releasing / approving the SES, click on change button(Button having Pencil image with a glass) . The status of the PO now is ‘No acceptance’ which can be seen the SES after SES number
      • Click on release flag(Green color flag) . Status of the PO will become, ‘will be accepted’ i.e. it will be released after saving. Save the SES.
      • Now the SES is approved and the status becomes  ‘Accepted’ i.e released.
      • Invoice Verification is same as normal Goods receipts i.e. through transaction MIRO. It can be done with reference to PO or SES.
      • SES Created is also updated in Purchased Order History Tab in PO.
      • Invoice posting will complete the Service procurement cycle.


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          Author's profile photo Clark Teng
          Clark Teng

          Hi Expert
          I use S/4 1909 and follow your step by step .

          When I save ML81n with acceptance flag it shows No goods receipt possible for purchase  order <order no> with Message M7036

          The PO create with "K"  account assignment : cost center
          "D" item category service and without material number in item


          I found notes 2710815 , it said I need to use Fiori .

          How can I post this SES  use SAPGUI ?