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Author's profile photo Ravindra Devarapalli

How to avoid Inconsistency data in CIN Table

Country Version India : Inconsistency data while Posting Excise invoice document

Issue 1 : Created Po and Done GR in MIGO. While Posting the Excise invoice in J1IEX_P or J1IEX, Vendor number getting wrong instead of  material document number vendor.

Example : Material document number in MIGO with vendor X and While posting excise invoice number  with Vendor Y.

Problem : In  MSEG table, vendor number is updated Correctly but when CIN table J_1IPART1 table not updated properly. Inconsistency data updated in table J_1IEXCHDR, J_1IEXCDTL and J_1IGRXREF.

Solution: Whatever already posted document, the solution is the change the vendor number in the table J_1IEXCHDR,J_1IEXCDTL and J_1IGRXREF.

Using ABAPer, you can change the vendor number in table level. For you should take authorization.

Once completed the Changes in the table, you should implement the SAP NOTE ” 1767825” .

This Note help full to in future to avoid the inconsistency data.

Issue 2: Created PO with tax code 12% BED,2% S.ED.Cess,1% ED.Cess and Done GR , Captured and Posted Excise invoice successfully with 12% BED , 2% S.ED.Cess,1% ED.Cess . When Trying to post the Invoice, System supposing to only 2% BED ,2%S.ED.Cess,1% ED.Cess.

Problem : The Tables J_1IEXCHDR, J_1IEXCDTL updated properly , Not only these two tables one more table J_1IGRXREF it is help full while posting invoice MIRO.

Solution :  Whatever already Posted Document, the Solution is the change the values For BED in J_1IGRXREF table.  This table is reference table to update or reference  in the MIRO , copied excise details in Invoice.

Once completed the changed the value, you should implement SAP note ” 1707875 ” . This SAP Note is help full to avoid the error in futures.

Issue 3 : Created  PO and GR Done Successfully. While Posted Excise invoice in GR reference tab item level system showing duplicate GR number which not created in MSEG table but it is displaying in J1Iex in item, level duplicate entries. Later it is effecting in MIRO also.

Problem: The tables J_1IEXCHDR, J_1IEXCDTL  updated properly and successfully. But in table J_1IPART1 and J_1IGRXREF the duplicate entries created inconsistency data.

Solution : Already Posted documents the solution is to remove the entries for GR’s from tables J_1IPART1 and J_1IGRXREF.

Please Apply the note 1707875 to avoid such issues in future.

Hope it is help full to all.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi ,

      Than x ,  Recently we faced same issue.

      It is very help full document. 🙂



      Author's profile photo Srinu S
      Srinu S

      Helpful document shared. thanks for sharing 🙂

      Author's profile photo Ashok Kumar Telugu
      Ashok Kumar Telugu

      Hi Ravindra,

      For Issue no 2, under heading problem, you said the Tables J_1IEXCHDR, J_1IEXCDTL updated properly , Not only these two tables one more table J_1IGRXREF it is help full while posting invoice MIRO.

      Did you meant that the said tables are not updated properly or the tables doesnot match one another for Excise values? please confirm.

      Further, i believe that Issue no2 and issue no 3 comes into picture when MIRO is fetching wrong excise values or only fetching half of the duties.

      This is due to the problem that system has generated two material documents during GRN save and only one material document exists at table level. The duplicate material documents are updated at Part1, J_1IEXCDTL and J_1IGRXREF tables. Also if you check J_1IGRXREF table only half of the Excise duties are updated.. Please note that Material docuement will be generated before you save GRN.

      As you said, we will have to perform the changes at the table level and delete incorrect material document line in tables as well change Excise values in J_1IGRXREF table since MIRO fetches the Excise values from J_1IGRXREF tables.

      To avoid the above problems in future, You can have written the code in the User exit J_1I7_MIGO_SAVE.