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Insights From The SAP Influencer Summit 2013 Singapore!

This Teched Season, though I didn’t get chance to be in LV, felt fortunate that last week I had a great opportunity to attend SAP influencer summit yearly event in Singapore .

At first when I got the invitation, it was not much attractive. Later It was Chris Kernaghan who persuaded me to attend this event for two major reasons, one is for networking, the other reason is to know more about technology Innovations.  I hold into the second reason, which is ever interesting. Because As we all know SAP’s current focus areas are in memory, cloud and mobile. Out of all my interest would be more on cloud. From my earlier readings, I found that even in memory and mobile solutions also get it sustainable for long time, if it placed in cloud. Ever since I started to work with SAP Lumira, my interest towards big data also rising to high, sometimes I go for analysing my own behaviour by watching my repetitive actions ( like every 1 hr. I spend 5 min to check my mails, every 3 hrs. I spent 10 min for reading personal blogs 🙂 ) that’s big fun!!  This helped me to identify options for better time management.  It is my interest on cloud and big data took me to the event with much curious.

I was on time, reached just 5 min before the keynote, but its a big surprise, almost everyone is on boarded before me, the rooms is already packed full of professionals with high thirst of knowledge.

I came with very open mind, but with the expectation to get the answers lots of questions, starting from product road map till the pricing of new solutions / product from SAP.

Cloud is not the future, SAP already there

I was much fascinated when the key note from Steve Watts itself much focused on cloud and big data. I am not new to Cloud solutions, had already implemented travel on demand solutions in one of our clients, I always thought that my client is one of the very few using SAP cloud solutions, but its only my assumption. The numbers shared in the event were amazing, there are already 20 million users on SAP cloud, SAP has clear plan to get the cloud involved with all the SAP’s future products, and of course all cloud solutions with the capability to run in mobile and in Memory 🙂 .

How about customers, will they go along with innovations, the answer would be differ to various situations, but my deep sense always says that, everyone one day must take a chance in cloud irrespective of any challenges.They all might be wait to hit at the proper time, but during the event I got to know that lots of things which helps customers cloud migration and integration without disruption.

SAP Cloud extension policy

One of them is SAP cloud extension policy where SAP helps the customers to move cloud without disruptions, it’s become another value proposition for moving cloud is to save the maintenance cost and move the money from maintenance to future innovations R&D.

Connecting clouds

As we all know that HANA Cloud is not only Infrastructure but also more of managed services. This was explained very clear in one of the season with proper use case. But most interesting thing I really liked the way of integration/connecting clouds for business success. It was perfect technical perk for me to know more on how some of the tools like IFLOWS for helping in integrating clouds scenarios.

It’s not all about customers

Mcaas” is new for me, but got very detail view about how managed service as cloud help partners can drive success in cloud and also incentive for customers to become partner. It was mind blowing when I heard something very new and would love to dig deep get clarified.


It was fun when Nick shared, “There are more complaints for lost smart phones than lost wallet”. But its true that mobiles become part of our lifestyle, I can’t imagine a day or an hour without mobile, even I need smartphone during my deep meditation as time keeper 🙂 .   It was my pleasure got some offline meeting with Nick, and asked why it is mobile platform than mobile solutions.  The reasons on licensing and security are acceptable, but the customer perspective still I am in the place of observer, not step into the real mobile game 🙂

Big Data – it’s not about storing data

It was one of most awaiting session, though it was short, but much focused on various dimensions of SAP’s big data strategy.  Bit thrilled to know that even big data is not new for SAP; it’s been in line for 25 years.


SAP is Platform Company?

One of the vision shared that SAP soon would be the platform company too, it might be the true, we could sense that form the past acquisition from sap. But SAP on premise also no less, also doing best for both. It could be always good if both application and cloud company.

Other Interesting stuffs

It was customer panel from ESSAR groups who acquired lots of firms in last 5 years, And they are SAP’s cloud customer too. They had lots of SAP cloud solution running successfully. The CTO of ESSAR shared the tangible benefits of cloud as “Pay as you grow”, he is very clear and didn’t share much on the challenges he faced to get out the real benefit from cloud, its end up with hearing business project experience than the IT project. Other than that I enjoyed the SAP SNAP app video and specially on China co innovation labs doing for Smart Citizen program.


Evening networking was the cocktail at McLaren showroom;  We were also got a chance to see how Mclaren used the real time analytics.


Throughout the day I met lots of data analyst, had very good thought sharing. its truly increased passion to become a DATA Scientist.  It was most informative day and fully loaded with lots of new (junk) things, its take long time to digest, but the result would be good for me.

All the seasons were recorded, hope soon published for all.

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