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Wrong VPRS in sales order – what could be the reason?

The VPRS – as a cost condition – is connected with some very special logic and functionality (the main consulting note is 372772). In the sales order the condition rate of VPRS is read from the valuation segment of the material master data.

What happened when in transaction VA01 the sales order is created, and on item level VPRS is in status red with zero value, (such as here in my example)?


To check the reason, some debugging is required. In the following source code the condition rate KBETR for VPRS is derived:


The reason for that is the presence of a future date – filled in field MBEW-ZKDAT. The pricing date (KOMK-PRSDT) is later than this date, therefore the rate XKOMV-KBETR is taken from MBEW-ZKPRS, which is in this example zero, leading to the inactivity of VPRS.

Where is this date coming from? In the material master data (transaction MM02) on the “Accounting 1” tab, a date is filled in this case in field “Valid from”:


But no future price is entered in the field on the left side. This “Valid from” field is exclusively connected to the future price only. So if there a date is filled, the system will take from this date on the value that is filled in “Future price” as the condition rate of VPRS and not the “Standard price” as expected with “Price control” set to “S”.

To avoid this problem either in the field “Valid from” no date should be filled, or if the function with the future price should be used, then a value in field “future price” will have to be maintained.

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      Author's profile photo Srinu S
      Srinu S

      Useful document shared. Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Tobias Reiner Dolgener
      Tobias Reiner Dolgener
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for your positive feedback Srinu S.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Thanks for sharing, useful document with good screen shots & easy to understand.


      Sukant Chakraborthy.

      Author's profile photo Tobias Reiner Dolgener
      Tobias Reiner Dolgener
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sukant Chakraborthy,

      thanks for the praise! 🙂

      Debugging is started with the command /H in the command field, which is  on the left side on the top of the screen, just below the menu bar.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo ' MoazzaM '
      ' MoazzaM '


      Thank you for sharing this document.

      This is one reason. What other reasons are there which can cause the wrong VPRS or no VPRS price in sale order. Are there any other causes??


      Author's profile photo Amit Tunara
      Amit Tunara


      There could be 1 more reason for VPRS not populated. And is the Condition category.

      VPRS is a condition of category G. If in your pricing if there any other condition type of the same category, I have observed that VPRS will not calculated and the same was not being clear in the Analysis or message. So in our pricing there should be only 1 condition type VPRS with condition category G.



      Author's profile photo Suman Sardar
      Suman Sardar


      Thank you for sharing the explanation but my point is same what are the other reason.

      If you please explain others as well.