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SAP SNC – PO Collaboration process

SNC – PO Collaboration Process

Author: Aravind B, Infosys Ltd., Chennai

                    SAP SNC is a common platform for customers and suppliers. Here, we can use Business process collaboration functionalities. The Purchase Order Collaboration is one of the collaboration functionalities of SAP SNC. It is used for collaborative processing of procurement process. In this collaboration, customer and supplier can complete their business processes by using SNC WEB UI.

Required Master data settings

The required master data must set up in SAP SNC to use the invoice collaboration functions in SAP SNC. Master data includes general master data setup and invoice specific master data setup.

a)    Creation of Business partners for customer and supplier

b)    Creation of Internet user for customer and supplier

c)     Creation Customer location and supplier location

d)    Location products at the customer location

The above set of data can be transferred to SAP SNC through Core Interface (CIF) from SAP ECC.

Let us look into how a Purchase order is created in SAP ECC system and it is transferred to the SNC system. The broad steps in collaboration are explained below.

Required Configuration settings

ECC Configuration settings:

Confirmation Control Key

SPRO ->IMG -> Materials Management ->Purchasing-> Confirmations -> Set Up Confirmation Control

Create Output Type

SPRO->IMG-> Materials Management ->Purchasing->Messages->Output Control->Message Types->Define Message Types for Purchase Order 

Create Output Type

SPRO-> IMG -> Materials Management-> Purchasing ->Messages->Output Control->Message Determination Schemas->Define Message Schema for Purchase Order

SNC Configuration settings:

General Settings for Purchase Order in SNC

SPRO->SNC->PO->General Settings

Create Approval Profile

Assign Approval Profile & Set confirmation control

Create Change Profile

SAP Menu ->SNC->Purchase Order->Current setting->Create change profile for Purchase and replenishment order

Assign change profile

SAP Menu ->SNC->Purchase Order->Current setting->Assign change profile for Purchase and replenishment order

Maintain Validation Profiles

SPRO->SNC->Basic settings->Validation->Own Settings->Maintain Settings in Validation Profiles


1.     Create a Purchase order in ECC with an SNC supplier as shown below.


2.     Release the PO in ECC using ME29N


IDoc Message:

IDoc is triggered as Basic Type “PORDCR102” and Message type “PORDCR1”.


PO outputted to SNC through this IDoc as PO is not master data; this does not take place through the CIF (Core Interface). After IDoc is transferred to PI, it reaches the SNC system as Xml message.

XML message:

ReplenishmentOrderNotification_In is relevant message type when customer creates new PO in back-end ERP system and sends it to SAP SNC. This XML message is mapped with corresponding IDoc PORDCR1.

Using T.code SXMB_MONI under successful messages we can view this XML message.


3.     Logon to the SNC system to view the PO in SNC

The supplier logs into the ‘Supplier view’ of the SNC system to confirm and publish the PO.


The PO’s  the distribution status is ‘Updated by Customer’ and Confirmation status is ‘Not Confirmed’ since the supplier has just received it in SNC system

4.     PO Confirmation:

To confirm the schedule line we need to proceed in the Change mode by clicking on the ‘Change’ button in the Purchase Order details (Supplier) screen as shown.

SS5_2_Change mode.jpg

In Change mode the screen appears as follows


When supplier clicks on ‘Confirm’ option then confirmation line will be created below the request line. In this confirmation line, supplier can change the PO data. The supplier confirms the line item after making the changes (if any) agreeing for the Confirmation quantity requested by the customer for that particular price and Confirmed Delivery date. Kindly note, the price cannot be increased. It can however be decreased by the supplier while confirmation.

SS7_Confirmation line.jpg

5.     Check the PO

Once all the editing is done, the supplier can check the PO for any errors. Errors If any are displayed in the message log portion of the SNC window.

6.     Saving the PO

The PO is then saved post confirmation. This changes the status of the ‘Conf.Status’ column in the item details to ‘Confirmed’. Previously this was ‘Not Confirmed’

SS7_2Saving the PO.jpg

A manual approval process can also be triggered in the case of changes in the PO done by the supplier those needs to be approved by the customer. This is visible in the ‘Appr.Status’ column in the item details.

7.     Publishing PO in SNC

Once the PO is confirmed, the supplier will have to let the customer know he is fine with the delivery.This is done by publishing the PO. This publishing act is one time and changes to the PO cannot be done afterwards.


XML message: ReplinishmentOrderConfirmation_Out message is sent out from the SNC system to the ECC system. The corresponding IDoc message type for this is ReplenishmentOrderConfirmation_Out message goes to ERP system through PI as IDoc message.

The basic type is Orders05 and message type ORDRSP.

SS8Publish warning.jpg

After publishing the PO the distribution status in the ‘Status information’ part of the screen is set as Published by supplier

SS8_Published status.JPG

The screenshot below shows the  ECC view of the published PO. On publishing the PO, an order acknowledgment (AB) will appear in the Confirmations tab of the PO in ECC system.


8.     Customer view

Now the PO is published by supplier and is with the customer for his acceptance (if only the supplier has changed any parameters, customer needs to accept). Once the customer logs in the change mode he will be able to accept or reject the PO.

After accepting the PO needs to be saved. This will prompt a message ‘Order Successfully saved’. This will change the approval status as ‘Accepted’.

If there are no changes done by the supplier the approval will already be ‘Accepted’ as shown below.



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      Useful document. Thanks for publishing.



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      Former Member

      Do we really need a PI system if we have SNC 7.02 with ERP6.0 Ehp 4/6? Thanks,Kiran

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      Aravind Balu
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      It is not a mandate but ECC is connected with other systems as well apart from SNC hence I am using PI here.

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      Thanks for publishing PO collaboration process settings, can we have same thing for ASN and SMI process?

      Author's profile photo Aravind Balu
      Aravind Balu
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      Hi Venkat,

      Please check for Delivery Collaboration.