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Hi All,

i saw so many documents about transportation i am giving little bit information simple way transportation.

I thought to explain how to do transportation 2 ways.

  1. Directly use Transport connection system.
  2. Each Object screen wise

I am trying to do transportation through Transport management system he got so many return codes with 4,8,12.

I will explain how to do transportation without going transport connection system

Below flow I am moving from BI DEV to QAS and PRD

We will fallow sequence of transportation

  1. Data source
  2. Info package
  3. DSO
  4. Info cube
  5. Transformation

                A. form data source to DSO

                B. from DSO to Info cube

  6. DTP

                A. form Data source to DSO

                B. form DSO to Info cube

NOTE: All objects should be active

  1. Moving to data source

     Double click on data source

  1. Go to Extras Menu –>Select object directory entry

Now system will automatically generate TR

2. Info package

Double click on the info package

  1. Go to edit menu —> select Write transport request

3. DSO Transportation

     Double click on the DSO

  1. Go to extracts menu –> Click on Write Transport request

4. Info cube Transportation

     Double click on the Info cube

  1. Go to extras menu –> Write transport request

5. Transformation Transportation

a. Form Data source to DSO

     Double click on the Transformation

     Go to extras menu –> object directory entry

b. Perform same steps another Transformation (from DSO to Info cube)

6. DTP Transportation

  1. Form Data source to DSO

     Double click on DTP

     Go to menu–> object directory entry

   b. Perform same steps form DSO to Info cube DTP.

Note: I am not mention TR screen shot

If we do transportation we won’t get any errors and it is simple method.

Now collect the all objects under one TR

Go to SE01/SE09 and release.

After import through STMS.

Hopes it is helps and ready to receive your suggestions…..

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  1. Ganesh Bothe

    Hi Pani,

    good information. Thanks for sharing..But I would suggest if you want to error free transportation of your dataflow then we need to collect all objects in separate transport request instead of is easy to solve. Otherwise at least data source in separate TR and dataflow I separate Transport request. What you say?

  2. Former Member

    HI Pani,


    Thanks a lot for the information..


    May i request you to share any document explaining step by step normal procedure in creating, collecting, unlocking and  moving transport from one system to another system

    Thanks in advance for your support


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