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Learn how Active Global Support can help your business 24×7

SAP is committed to always provide you the very best in customer support. The organization providing support is called SAP Active Global Support which supports more than 232,000 customers in more than 130 countries.

SAP Active Global Support is available 24×7 for customers and offers a global pool of unique expertise which was built over the last 40 years. You can benefit from the strengths of a global organization helping you to ensure business continuity, drive business process improvement, reduce total cost of operations and accelerating innovation.

Our mission control centers are standing by to support you:


Why are we the right Partner for you? Because of our unparalleled expertise.

Drawing on our large customer base, SAP Active Global Support has acquired unique expertise in helping customers to achieve best-in-class operations in the last 40 years. With this end in mind, this unique operations’ expertise is shared in a customer-centric approach for a faster and implementation.

With this we help customers to set the course for successful operations already during the implementation. Moreover we also help to unleash our customers’ innovation capacity. Our expertise enables customers to innovate faster with minimized disruption.

Stop by the SAP Active Global Support pod at TechEd to learn more:


For more information, take a look at this PPT presentation.

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  • Dear Andy,

    I’m sorry for my bad rating but i would have preferred to see a customer talking about sap support “unparalleled expertise”. To be honest I’m a little bit embarrassed when i see such very nice presentations where SAP is auto-congratulating itself… mostly when my personal customer experience is so different.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Nicolas,

      is it fair and gentlemanly to criticise SAP Global Support through the medium of the SCN.

      If there are challenges with SAP Global Support then every Customer has their Account Management channel which can used to raise such concerns.

      Personally, I think challenges are caused by both sides and that’s why I published this blog.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Andy,

        Thanks, and I liked your blog already 🙂

        I didn’t mean to criticize SAP Global support in my comment… I’m more concerned about the fact that all we see here is a nice marketing presentation where SAP is showing its self satisfaction… What would you say if someone published exactly the same blog post but changed the name “SAP Global support” by “Accenture delivery solutions”? Would you still find it ok?

        Not so sure.

        But don’t get me wrong: I’m actively participating to anything SAP Global support is doing to improve their quality of service (usability tests, feedbacks, I’m even leaving many comments on, etc.)… and maybe that’s what SAP AGS should be talking about. But if you dare posting a blog to show off your “unparalleled expertise”, you should be prepared to get questions from customers that open messages under component CRM* and get the following answer 3 weeks later: “Dear customer, thank you very much for contacting us. Could you tell me how we start CRM WebUI?”.

        Anyway, I know that it might be limited to some component areas… but unfortunately that’s the only components I’m working on 🙂