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How to create a BICS connection

How to create a BICS connection to a SAP BEx query.

What is BICS?

Business Intelligence Consumer Services

BICS is the BW data access layer for BEx tools

                In the information design tool, you can create an OLAP connection to connect to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) using Business Intelligence Consumer Services (BICS) connectivity. BICS connectivity is the recommended way for BI tools to connect to Business Explorer (BEx) queries on the SAP NetWeaver BW server.
In this tutorial, you will create OLAP connections to connect to an SAP NetWeaver BW data source based on a BW server, a cube, and a BEx query.


  1. 1. OLAP “look and feel Can interact with data in BW as well as non BW sources No longer need to manually create / maintain universes (for example, if the underlying  BEx Query changes)
  1. 2. Improved reporting performance

When SAP BW 7.3 is your source, BICS connections are recommended by SAP. You can connect directly to a SAP BEx query or a SAP BW Info Provider. In the next steps you can see how to create a BICS connection to a SAP BEx query.


Log in to Information Design Tool


Select create new

Observe the all connection

Now I am discussing how to create the OLAP connections


Select the project and give the project name, location.


Now project is created

Select the project (TEST1)

Create new – select the OLAP connection


Select the BICS connections


Give the system credentials.


Select the specify a cube in the connections.

Select folders (info areas and favorites)


Select the next

Click on the test connections

Test successful


How to publish the connection to repository

Select the OLAP test connection -> Right click -> publish connection to repository


Choose repository file


Give the system credentials


Please observe the system credentials.

Click ton test connection


Now connection was published.

Hopes it is helps..

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