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ECC steps to Import a new activated BI Content extract structure from D->Q->P including reconstruction data for BW in the case of already active LIS extract structures


It often happens that we have to activate some of LIS extract structures (MC11VA0HDR, MC11VA0ITM, etc.) based on the business requirements.

E.g., If it´s necessary to activate the BI Content InfoCube 0SD_C03 (Sales Overview), we must also have to activate the extract structures of Application 11, 12 and 13 using the t/code LBWE in the ECC source system.

In any cases (e.g. in phase 2 of a BW project) it´s also necessary to activate and transport another additional LIS extract structures –

In addition to existing activated extract structures of an Application.

In this document I would like to describe the small but necessary steps which are important to transport a new activated BI Content extract

structure from D->Q->P including reconstructing data for BW in a correct way.

Implementation Guide (IMG) in the ECC system (t/code SBIW) -> Data Transfer to the SAP BW -> Settings for Application-Specific DataSources -> Logistics -> Managing Extract Structures…


A typical customizing cockpit (LBWE) in the ECC system with active and inactive extract structures each Logistic application:


In this example scenario I will describe the steps to import a newly activated extract structure, e.g. MC11VA0HDR (DataSource 2LIS_11_VAHDR “Sales Document Header”) from Development ECC-system to Quality/Production-ECC-system:

Step 1:

Deletion of Setup Data for Application 11 (t/code LBWG)

Step 2:

Empty the Outbound Queue MCEX11 (t/code LBWQ) by start the Job for collective Update in the LBWE

Step 3:

Empty the Delta queue (t/code RSA7) for all active 2LIS11 DataSources by execute the Delta InfoPackages to picking up the Delta data records of the existing LIS11 DataSources

By the way, if we do not empty the Delta queue and start the reconstruction of the document data, a typical message appears:


Step 4:

Now, it´s time for the actual ECC Import of the new activated extract structure MC11VA0HDR (DataSource 2LIS_11_VAHDR) from Development ECC-system to Quality/Production-ECC-system

Step 5:

Start the Reconstruct document data for Application 11 (t/code OLI7BW) per background job


The steps must be performed during the posting free periods (see also SAP note 602260)!

The steps visualized by a timeline


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    • Hi Raman,

      Actually setup tables are specific to application and not datasource and same is the case with LBWQ.

      But yes RSA7 is specific to datasource so i guess not required Step 3

      • Hi Anshu,

        LBWQ - is application wise. Acceptable.

        As per his LBWE screen shot already some Data sources(11) are activated and running V3 jobs will in active.  as per the schedule it will move data to RSA7. But His new data source not yet initialized at bw info pack. so about LBWQ no need to consider at this point as per his new data source.


    • Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

      many thanks for your comments!

      My answer to your question:

      If your doing the first time extraction on your data source then why we need follow Step 2 and  Step3.

      In the step-by-step document above I didn´t want to descripe the standard activation of the LIS extract structures. But rather I want to describe the steps which are important to import a new activated extract structure (in Dev.) to Q- and P- system.

      For example: In a first BW project we have activated extract structure 2LIS_11_VAITM, 2LIS_11_VAKON... (both DataSources are LIS11 DataSources).

      In a second BW project (e.g. after 2 years) we need a additional LIS11 DataSources (e.g. 2LIS_11_VAHDR) which are in Dev. inactive. In this case it´s necessary before we import the new active DataSource (e.g. 2LIS_11_VAHDR) from D to Q and P, that the Outbound Queue (LBWQ) and Delta queue (RSA7) is empty.

      Thanks and regards,


      • Hi Michael,

        First time it self i understood your doc. Thanks for explanation.

        Above steps we do when we done any enhancement or any new changes to existing extract structure.because already data source was existed at prod and deltas are running.

        if its new data source moving to prod then no need to look at LBWQ/RSA7.

        if your data source was not initialized then Why need to clear LBWQ/RSA7.

        LBWQ/RSA7 will comes into picture during delta loads only.


  • Hi Micheal,

    Please try to change your doc headlines. There is no transport steps on your content. Better make headlines as ECC LO -Data source maintenance steps for Applications 11,12 and 13.


    • Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

      many thanks for your comment and especially for your proposal to change the document headline.

      I have changed the headline to...

      ECC steps to Import a new activated BI Content extract structure from D->Q->P including reconstruction data for BW in the case of already active LIS extract structures

      I hope that clarifies my aim of the document?!