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Using the new CRM 7.0 EHP1 Interactive Scripting “Transcript” Feature

A Short Refresher on Interactive Scripting
Interactive Scripting is a feature that has been available in the Interaction Center since CRM 4.0. Interactive Scripts provide step-by-step instructions and/or scripted text to guide contact center agents through customer interactions. Scripts can be particularly useful for new agents who are still learning the ropes or need help navigating through a complex or difficult business process. Scripts can also be necessary for certain industries where regulations or legal concerns require that an agent explicitly follow certain predefined steps.
Interactive Scripts are created by contact center managers or business analysts using the Interactive Scripting Editor. Agents can then manually select appropriate scripts as needed, or it is possible to use the Rule Modeler to automatically push scripts on to the screen of an agent based on predefined business rules. As the agent navigates through the steps of a script, all of the agents actions and any corresponding responses from the customer are recorded. Depending on your version of CRM, various options are available for viewing and analyzing scripts.
Introducing the New Interactive Script “Transcript” Feature
Early versions of CRM containing the SAP GUI based IC WinClient provided a feature called “Interactive Scripting Evaluation” that allowed companies to record script response and then export the results to SAP BI for further analysis, segmenting and target group creation. Unfortunately, later versions of CRM containing IC WebClient rely on a different technology platform that doesn’t support the old Interactive Scripting Evaluation.
To remedy this situation, SAP introduced a new Interactive Scripting Transcript feature available as of Enhancement Package 1 (EHP1) for SAP CRM 7.0. Based on a customizing flag in the IMG, you can turn on a feature that automatically records all answers, actions and values from an Interactive Script and saves them to a transcript (basically an HTML file) that gets attached to the customer Interaction Record.
This transcript captures the customer responses without performing any type of reporting or analytics; hence, SAP BI is not required. After saving, the transcript will be linked to the current Interaction Record and can later be retrieved from the Activity Clipboard of the Interaction Record. You can access the transcript either from the script directly by clicking the “View Transcript” link, or alternatively by clicking the Transcript link in the Interaction Record Activity Clipboard.
Set Up and Configuration
1) To view or save script transcripts or to overwrite an existing script when uploading scripts, you must first activate the business function IC and Communication- Enabled Business Processes (CRM_IC_CEBP).
2) The new Interactive Script Transcript feature can be enabled in the IMG activity Define Script Profiles (CRMC_IC_SCRIPT) by checking the new field “Save” that appears as the last column. This is separate from the old Interactive Scripting Evaluation functionality which is still available via the column History. Please note that the new Interactive Scripting Transcript feature only saves an XML document of the answers in CRM; there is no export to BI.
3) Clicking on the link of the script transcript in the Interaction Record – Activity Clipboard should automatically navigate to the script transcript. If this is not working in your system, you are probably missing some basic NavBar configuration for your business role. In transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS you need to add an entry for SCRTRANSCRIPT in the Outbound Plug Mapping with target ID SCRTRAN_DP (making sure to check the “Use Target ID” flag).

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      Author's profile photo Kavindra Joshi
      Kavindra Joshi

      Hi John,


      Nice Article. Also I have been reading the book Maximizing your SAP CRM Interaction Center. Nice Read I must. I would be posting my review on that also.



      Author's profile photo Nikhil Jathar
      Nikhil Jathar

      Wow... Good Stuff. Glad to know of this feature.

      Author's profile photo Luis Guilherme Paulino
      Luis Guilherme Paulino

      Hello John,

      Thanks for sharing your blog.


      I am working on this solution, trying to use Transcript functionality. I have gone thru the customizing and it works fine except for a few things:


      1 - I´ve noticed that the answers take into consideration the 'button ID' and not the 'button Description'; therefore, I have button ID 'b1' and description 'Yes', so the script log will bring 'b1' instead of 'Yes'. I have found SAP OSS 1670480 - Chosen button text is not displayed in transcript, however it has already been applied to my system. I am using SAP CRM EHP3. Please see attachment1, where 'b1' should be 'Yes'!!!






      2 - I have created a "text field" and inserted it into the "answer area" of a question. It works just fine in the Transcript, however the Question no longer is shown in the Transcript (it is blank).This way, I can only see the answer and the question is now blank!

      If I delete the text field, then the Question shows again.


      Attachment2: here is the text field I created using the Script editor





      Attachment3: when I use the text field, the Question is blank in the Transcript





      Any help will be much appreciated!!


      Thanks a lot,



      Author's profile photo John Burton
      John Burton
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Luis,


      It's been a few years since I've worked on this topic and in the mean time I have changed teams, so I would recommend that you log an OSS support ticket and see if the responsible colleageus who have taken over the solution can help you debug the issues.


      Warm regards,