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Useful Customisation tip for Notification Types

Introduction & Objective:

A client wants that Notification Tabs should appear selectively for Create (IW21), Change(IW22) and Display(IW23) views. For example,  he does not want to provide Catalog & Codes tab (10/Tab10) during Create Notification (IW21).

Once we know the configuration point in SPRO, where to do this, this requirement looks simpler. But, more work is involved here. This document, elaborates the same.

The SPRO configuration path for this:


During Tab Additions, the key field which produces the desired effect, is the Activity Cat.


Please note that the ‘H – Add’ means Create and relates to IW21 screen.  Similarly ‘V – Change’  and  ‘A – Display’  options relate to IW22 and IW23 screens respectively.

Now suppose a Notification type has the requirement for 3 main pages viz.,

10/Tab01 – Notification 1

10/Tab07  –  Dates

10/Tab10 – Catalogs & Codes

We know that 10/Tab10 will have sub tabs declared 20/Tab01, 02, 03, 04.

The following is the Tab strip Overview in the SPRO, where no special conditions are required. Here we see the Activity Cat.field is blank.

In this Configuration, all tabs will be visible in all stages (IW21, IW22, IW23)


Now let’s see, the Configuration as per our clients requirement, where Catalogs & Codes Tab not to be seen in ‘Create’ phase.


What we see here is for one simple condition, a number of line items added into the ‘Tab strip Overview’.

This is because,

When we specify a value V in Activty Cat. Of 10/Tab10 (desiring to have this tab in change mode), all other tabs in change mode disappear. (10/Tab01, 10/Tab10).

So to restore them as per our requirement, we need to repeat these Tabs with different values of Activity Cat. (H, V, A as the case may be) .

In Detail:

  1. We want the Header Tab (10/Tab01) in all modes Create, Change, Display (IW21, IW22, IW23) modes. So we need to create this entry 3 times with values H, V and A.
  2. We want the Dates Tab (10/Tab07) in Change and Display (IW22, IW23) modes only, so we had this 2 times with values V and A
  3. Like-wise we want the Catalogs & Codes Tab (10/Tab10) also in Change and Display (IW22, IW23) modes only, so we had this 2 times with values V and A.
  4. Here note that all the sub tabs (20/Tab01,02,03,04) of Catalogs & Codes Tab, had also to be created 2 times with values V and A to match with their Parent tab (10/Tab10).

Now let’s see the resulting screens:

Create Notification (IW21)


Change Notification (IW22)


Display Notification (IW23)

(We know that Catalogs & Codes tab would appear in Display i.e., IW23, only when it has some content in its inside tabs.)

Like-wise we can customize deeply in this area as per need.

The Author recently was replying in detail, about the topic discussed here in an SCN thread, and felt that  forum will be benefited if this is documented .

Thank you


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