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HWC settings in Android using Config File



This document will give an overview how we can set Hybrid web container settings in android emulator/device by inserting config file.


Platform Used: Android Emulator 4, SUP 2.2.x




I am sure you would have inserted details in HWC settings manually after registering a user in SCC. But there is also another way to set the settings by creating one config file and same file has to be pushed to the device/emulator.






1. Make sure you have installed HWC on the device/emulator.


for more details check



2. Register a user in SCC


e.g. User name: testUser





3. Create a new notePad file, give all below information


    s=<server ip address>;p=5001;c=0;u=testUser;a=12345


Save this file with name Sybase_Messaging_HWC.cfg   (for SUP 2.0 you have to use Messaging.cfg)

Save as Type: All Types





4. Open DDMS perspective in eclipse

Make sure your device/emulator is running and showing online in DDMS.


   Go to mnt>sdcard





5.  Select sdcard, and click on Push a file onto the device. select that cfg file.




it will look like this:





6. Click on hybrid Web Container Icon in application list to reflect the details on settings screen . It will automatically capture all required settings information from that file. If you go and check the status of user in SCC, it would be online.




I hope this document will be helpful for you.

Your comments/suggestions are most welcome.




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