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Free Trials – AWS vouchers – no country limitation: News for SAP CAL from TechEd Las Vegas

Dear all,

it is already Wednesday and SAP TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas is moving with a fast pace. There have been various announcements from SAP Board Member Dr. Vishal Sikka in his keynote. You’ve probably seen them on SCN or Twitter or other channels as well.

I would like to take thi sopportunity to share some news about SAP Cloud Appliance Library and the content that is delivered:

New Trials Landing Page on SCN

We created a new landing page for all free of charge Trial versions of SAP software which is delivered via SAP Cloud Appliance Library into your AWS account. So far the BW on HANA trial already moved to the new page and is available in call countries – the SAP NetWeaver 7.40 trials on MaxDB and HANA will go live on Friday, October 25, 2013. Make sure that you bookmark the landing page in your browser:

AWS vouchers

If you are on TechEd Las Vegas, make sure to attend the SPK9571 or ITM129 session to get your hands on an AWS voucher which you can use get your free SAP trials up and running on AWS quickly. If you are not at TechEd Las Vegas, you have another chance to get the voucher at SAP TechEd in Amsterdam.

No country limitation

The new landing page for free trials of SAP software mentioned above allows you do access the Trial version in ALL supported SAP countries. A lot of users reported issues with accessing these Trials and we solved them. The BW on HANA trial is already available – the SAP NetWeaver 7.40 trials on MaxDB and HANA will go live on Friday, October 25, 2013.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas or in Amsterdam soon!

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  • Hello Hannes,

    the SAP NetWeaver 7.40 trials on MaxDB and HANA will go live on Friday, October 25, 2013.

    May I ask what the differences between the current trials and the new ones are?

    Best regards


    • Hi Uwe,

      content wise there is no difference.

      But starting this Friday we are able to make them available in all countries. There has been a limitation in the past where users from Brazil, Bulgaria, Vietman, … were not able to receive them. This limitation is now gone.



      • I’m sure they will love the decision. Thank you for the information.

        (and legal IS moving, yay, good news, hopefully in other areas also)

    • Hi Stephen,

      as of today, the trial version of SAP Software delivered through SAP Cloud Appliance Library are available in us-east only.

      And Yes, we are already working on adding other regions as well. I cannot give you a timeline but hope to share more on the topic before end of the year.

      I just created a poll at SCN to check which regions is demanded next:

      Waiting for your input 😉



  • HI,

    I’m enrolled in the openSAP  intro to Hana. Just started week on this past week. I register with the Amanzon web server and created an instance as per instruction in module for. Everthing seems ‘right’ but when I go to remote connect  I get a remote desktop connection error. is there an RD gateway I can use to by pass that?


    • Hi Angela,

      couple of questions on your environment/process:

      1) How long did you wait between starting the instance and trying to connect? Depending on the Amazon performance it may take a while

      2) Can you ping the instance? The IP address of the BI box is avialable in the instance details

      3) In which network are you currently in? Is this a corporate network with a firewall/proxy?



      • Hello and thank you for your reply.

        I have been trying for many days now, so I don’t thin it’s a Amazon perfomance issue. I’m afraid it is my network firewall setting…possibly blocking port 3389…I’ll have to try to see if I have access and edit the settings with my SA account… or just using another computer.

        • Hi Angela,

          have you tried only out of the corporate network? What about from home or maybe a public hotspot like Starbucks?

          Maybe changing the network helps you identifying the root cause.