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“???” seen under Launchpad

WHY and HOW would be the two most important questions that would boggle you.

Recently, this has been a very discussed topic doing circles of the mobile community.

The above message is seen under the properties of any webi report. ( go to launchpad> go to folders> right click on any webi report )

We have in the past seen issues with Data Service or IPS having such issues when integrated with CMC page. It is very much the same show here as well.


Also, in some cases, you would see that the SAP Busniess Objects Mobile application is corrupt as well. ( GO to CMC> Applications).

In some case the mobile works fine or in some cases it does not. The mystery behind it is unveiled below 😕

The above all is due to a bug that has been validated and found when installating BI 4.0 SP7 with either custom or distributed installation and not selecting mobile components during the install. SAP note 1914681

It is very common for users to not select the mobile component during installation, if it is not required or will not be used by the customer or end user.

the installation is success, however it leads to one of the above scnearios on your machine.

ℹ Who is at fault?

The DFO which was not suppose to load into the database, if the mobile components were not selected, however it somehow does, but partially!! resulting into the above message. BusinessObjects_ClientAction_Mobile_Client_Settings_dfo.xml to be precise, is at fault .

ℹ How to point n shoot?

There are different ways due to which this error or message can come up.

ℹ Post installation of BI 4.0 SP6/SP7. The installation if full installation ( default ), this issue will not come. But, if it is a custom install or distributed install, there are chances. If the MobileComponents are not selected during the custom install, ??? dummy action mobile will be seen post installation.

ℹ If you uninstall a product and the dfo mentioned above still does not get cleaned up, the message will be shown

ℹ If Web Tier is installed on a different machine which does not have the mobile components selected, it will show this message.

             I recently saw a issue, where this message was displayed when the user tried to login from a portal, while the dummy mobile was not displayed, if the Business objects was accessed directly ( without going through portal). We came to know that two tomcats were in picture. the one tomcat which was used within the portal, did not have the mobile components selected, leading to this message.

If you come along such message on your BO server, simply do the following:

Check if you have a distributed environment. If yes, check which server has tomcat or web tier. On that machine, run the modify installation on base build ( i.e if you have BI 4.0 SP4> SP5> SP6 installed on the machine, you have to select the BI 4.0 SP4 and click on modify). Check the mobile components, including the CMS plugin and let the install run till end.

Go to tomcat/webapps folder, delete the MobileBIService folder

Remove the same from cache as well ( Tomcat/work/catalina/localhost)

Start tomcat

it should be deployed again, give it some time to stablilize

After this, the “???dummy_Mobile_Document…” will turn into “Mobile Properties”

If you are unable to do so, do drop a query or post in the SCN forums for assistance!


Atul B

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  • Nice blog.. Collective information with steps for resolution. We also faced same issue and were able to resolve by installing mobile component.

    Have a question regarding this type of error, we are getting a similar error message as below ??? after installing Explorer on BI 4.1 SP1.



    • Hi Shabnam,

      Thanks! 🙂

      This might help SAP note 1756172, however if this does not help, raise a SAP ticket or post a query in the appropriate forum


      Atul B

  • Hi Atul,

    We have installed BO 4.1 SP2. We have used two boxes one with the BO MObile server and rest BO on another.For mobile server the .war file deployment is automatic from 4.1 but in CMC I can’t edit the BO mobile configuration because I am getting:



    To add : tomcat is installed on both the servers. Please let me know if we have done something wrong by doing that.As BO Mobile and BOE both are in different servers we had to install tomcat on both.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Hi Sandeep,

      I think, on either one of them, the mobile services have not been installed or are either corrupt.

      As you have two tomcats, you can try this:



      check for which are you getting the ??? displayed.

      This way we will be narrowing it down to a particular tomcat.

      once you know which machine is causing the issue

      go to add/remove programs for that one, select modify

      check if Mobile Services are checked?

      if yes, uncheck .. then next.. next finish install.

      this should work and if you access the defective url again, you should not see the mobile option ( delete the MobileBIService under tomcat/work/catalina/localhost)

      If it is unchecked, then check them and next.. next.. finish install


      Atul B

      • We have a Linux distribution with WebLogic 10.3.5 and we are seeing this error after moving to our new Linux servers.  We did not install the mobile components with the move.  How can I fix this (Not Tomcat, not Windows)?

  • Hey,

    check SAP Note 1928824. There you can find a script which fix the issue

    But unfortunately i still get displayed ???caf.action.MM_Lineage.dispaly name??? and ??? under the properties