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Daylight Savings Time

As Daylight Savings Time is about to come to an end, the more proactive system administrators are bound to start wondering, “How will this affect me?”

To help answer this question, please visit this blog post from Joshua Kuhn.  As you’ll see, provided your patch level isn’t more than a couple years old, there’s no need to fear DST.

That said, I will add one more (very minor) DST-related issue to the list, even though it will actually go away on its own when we revert to standard time:

Described under Knowledge Base Article 1827233, the issue is with LifeCycle Manager scheduled jobs’ timestamps — their run times are reported as being an hour later than their actual run times.  The jobs still run at the correct times, it is a display issue only.  It’s also been resolved for some time, since SAP BI 4.0 Patch 3.4 and Support Package 04, and within all codestreams for SAP BI 4.1.

Beyond those, I’m here to reassure you that DST is a regular consideration in regression testing for all versions of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI and SAP Business Intelligence Platform — and that I’ve done a ton of my own sanity testing (in XI 3.1 SP6, BI 4.0 SP07, and in BI 4.1) as well, and am happy to report no new issues.

So, enjoy that extra hour of sleep!


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  • Well, not so lucky here. SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 1 Patch 1- Server 2008 R2SP1. All scheduled instances fired one hour early and next run time shows one hour early after daylight savings on Nov.4. We are a small organization so we don’t have a lot of overhead support or BI knowledge. This same issue impacted us with our 3.x platform. Done remember the SP or patch level but we were fairly current. Any suggestions other than rescheduling each scheduled instance?

    Thank you,

    • Hi George,

      I’m sorry to hear this.  That’s a fairly heavily-used patch level as well.  I haven’t heard any other instances of DST-related failures from BI 4.1 at this time, and wonder what the root cause may be.  Please submit an incident to support for assistance.



    • We are currently experiencing the same isssue after US changed to daylight savings time last sunday, even though we do not have any US regional settings.

      • Hi Michael,

        Assuming you’re in a Unix or Linux environment, the cause and solution to that issue are documented under KBA 1404484.

        “If the TZ environment variable is not set correctly then the time zone rules default to US-standard which may cause problems in other locations.”

        That will resolve the issue, but please let us know if you still have any issues.


    • Hi Kurien,

      Does this affect all existing instances?  If it only affects newly-created instances, I wonder if Netweaver may be running with an out-of-date JRE?  Specifically, a JRE which does not recognize recent changes to your local time zone’s honoring of DST — that would cause Netweaver to communicate the wrong timestamp to the CMS at job creation time.  Just a guess without knowing any other details.  Please raise an incident if assistance is needed.