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SAP CRM Web UI Analytics brief introducction and impressions

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I bet some of you guys still hearing those sentence again and again, “We want a report in the Web UI which should list….”  or “Yes, no problem, we will build a ALV in the web client” This last one still give me the chills <Offtopic> I HATE TLX!</offtopic>

Well as you already know, Web Client is not meant to do reports as you will traditionally do in SAP GUI, there’s a reporting layer called SAP CRM Analytics which uses can use BI reports or CRM reports, remember BW is part of netweaver, so yes, CRM has his own BW , what’s the main advantage of using SAP CRM analytics, although is based on BW  you can display very very very updated data. You can click the following link to see a nice video blog with some features: SAP CRM Analytics without BI ( using the CRM as the data source) in the perfect world

You can check/follow the SAP Best practices documents how to configure SAP CRM Analytics (no BI integration):

C41_CRM702_BB_CRM Interactive Reporting

CR2_CRM702_BPD_Interactive Reporting

Don’t forget to activate the Business functions that applies to your needs, for example, if you want to use Sales Orders reporting area.

As you see there’s a lot of stuff to learn, understand and do and I bet most of the people who read this will have no experience with SAP BW (like me) well, if is this you case, stop reading this, and run to find a BW consultant in your team, don’t continue until you come back with him/her…..I’m serious…..soooooooo  you are not going to find him/her, right? do you think you are “very macho” to do it in your own right? nah…I’m kidding probably you won’t find him/her because the project estimation didn’t included a BW guy, why? this is a CRM implantation, who was expecting a BW consultant will be needed? reports are done with ALV!

Now I’m serious, you will need it, at least if you don’t have enough time (and a sandbox) to learn how to add new fields and how BW objects should be transported.

Still a lot to do just to enable a few reports right? well now comes the best part: Let’s assume you have everything running and healthy, you created  a report which lists sales orders, the customer wants to analyze the sales orders of this quarter, the list is about 5.000 sales orders, I hope you have a nice hardware or…wait? someone said SAP HANA? because if not, this will take ..hmmmm…let’s say some time 😈

Okok, you are lucky and you have SAP HANA and you realized you can export the data via a flat excel file or even a pivot table, I tried the pivot table export and it’s pretty impressive, I mean, from a customer point of view, you all know customers love exporting data to excel and play with i.

And now one of the reasons which led me to write this blog:

Yeah, the Web UI export to excel is “limited” to tens or hundreds records….so what now? you did a lot of work the customer payed the HANA licences but you can not export the info to excel because is “limited to tens or hundreds” when I read this It was like noooooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaay. So if I was you I would really consider all this points before starting the “SAP CRM Analytics safari” .

In resume:

SAP CRM analytics requires:

– SAP CRM Knowledge

– SAP Web UI Knowledge

– SAP BW Knowledge

– SAP BASIS Knowledge

– Reports of no more than tens or hundreds records as long the customer doesn’t want to export to excel and you have a nice hardware or SAP HANA.

In the end I just want to clarify, this is my modest opinion and my brief experience, take it as what it is 🙂 of course I encourage all of you to participate in this blog, SAP CRM Analytics world is very obscure and  any small contribution/discussion will be a benefit to everyone.



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  • The amazing part about this whole debacle is that CRM analytics w/o HANA(old interactive reporting) is just a painful way of invoking the one order query framework.  In fact the extractors don’t store/extract anything but instead grab data via one order style queries that are used by the same searches that have a result limitation.

    Now what interested me is the HANA version where there is supposed to be prebuilt content that doesn’t just do the same old one-order query stuff again.  Have you tried any of that?

    Personally you could easily build/override with some effort a way to get as many search results out without having to use CRM analytics.  That being said if you have HANA then the CRM analytics might be worth it if you can combine it with a HANA “view”.

    Take care,


    • Thanks for your contribution Stephen. 🙂

      Nope, we don’t have HANA instead we have a very nice SYBASE 😈

      If we had HANA would be more fun to face the excel problem, I mean, you configure a whole analytics to run reports on CRM but those results can’t be exported via web ui because are huuuuge, so you need to export them via BI, but wait, you can also run BI reports in the web UI, you will have the same problem with the excel, but at least you can export with the BI tool (not in web ui) so why the hell I need the CRM reporting?

      Someone can answer “because maybe you don’t have a BI”  hmmmm and are you telling me I don’t have a BI but I have a CRM on HANA? Nice!!! “but CRM reporting manages the data online” and BI on HANA won’t? serious?

      Ehmmm…. Sorry about that… where I was….? oh yes When analytics makes sense.

      Even having CRM on HANA; I’ve seen the reporting wizard and the how the report is printed and is not very impressive, if I had to be honest with you, as long as you are not so lucky to have all the fields which the customer want in the CRM cubes you will need a BW guy,  the only part I liked is the possibilty to download the result as an excel pivot table. which make a lot of sense to me (now seriously)

      So I guess, and I’m talking about my ignorance( never worked on HANA, finally I started to read the SAP Press book as you see I’m late, there’s already a second edition, but something is something, btw as far as I read, I liked the style and content very much) if we put aside the excel problem, I rather will prefer to build a WDA on HANA BI or HANA CRM, rather than use the analytic reporting. at least, both are non web ui native applications and in both cases I will need a BW guy.



      • What’s even more fun is that I would go “old-school” if I had HANA and just take advantage of the ALV functionality for HANA (on the SAP GUI) and just transaction launch those reports.  The HANA ALV stuff that I saw this summer was pretty awesome and would allow you to just model, build a quick shell and run.

        Not that I always recommend downloading sales orders into CRM, but if you had CRM on HANA and built some native HANA views for the one order stuff, you could do some awesome pipeline report/sales stuff without having to buy all the front end pieces(provided you know how to code the logic) and who needs BI at that point 😉 .

        Take care,


    • Well to be honest the only painful part was the ASE dump… it was more frustrating than painful, because at the end the solution is not good enough to cover the customer needs 🙂