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SAP and SAS Announce HANA-Powered In-Memory Partnership at #SAPTechEd 2013

In-memory data analysis capabilities are about to take a big leap forward for businesses across most, if not all, industries. SAP and SAS will partner closely to create a joint technology and product roadmap designed to leverage the SAP HANA platform and SAS analytics capabilities, SAP Executive Board Member for Products and Innovation Vishal Sikka announced Tuesday at SAP TechEd 2013 (@SAPTechEd).

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“SAS talks about ‘the power to know’ — now it is the power to know with HANA behind it,” Vishal Sikka told SAP TechEd 2013.

Decision makers will be able to use real-time data analysis within their existing SAS and SAP HANA environments. Analytical solutions from the Cary, North Carolina-based software developer will now run on HANA — not only on HANA as a database, but as in-memory servers running parallel in HANA.

“SAS talks about ‘the power to know,’” Sikka told the crowd. “Now it is the power to know with HANA behind it.”

Data scientists will improve their productivity by accelerating model development, iteration and deployment.

“Today it is a very broken experience for data scientists — moving data from one system to another, bringing it into SAS, doing your models and analytics there, and then transporting it back,” Sikka said. “The ability to run the SAS engines and SAS models on massive amounts of data without restriction becomes dramatically improved as a result of SAS working together with HANA.”

The SAP/SAS partnership will incorporate the SAP HANA in-memory platform into SAS applications. The collaboration could help eliminate data movement, duplication and reconciliation, and the single environment for business applications and advanced analytics may also simplify IT landscape, reduce costs and deliver real-time performance.

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Analytics software developer SAS will now run its technology on and in SAP HANA.

SAP HANA’s in-memory functionality allows businesses the ability to handle large data sources while also supporting real-time analytics. So SAS and SAP plan to execute a co-sell pilot program with select joint customers in industries such as financial services, telecommunications and retail.

Applications will likely appeal to business areas requiring advanced analytics, an in-memory platform and high-value results, such as customer intelligence, risk management and asset management.

SAP TechEd is the company’s technical education conference running Monday through Thursday in Las Vegas.

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  • Good to know the crazy combination... SAS and SAP will be another road map for vital decisions makings.. 🙂

    I wish the ideas should come true 🙂


    Kiran N

  • SAS models on SAP HANA will open the world up for the data scientist but at the same time give the CIO the option to put forward a database platform that makes it possible for companies to have one jointly database platform whether they runs SAP ECC, SAP BW, SAP HANA Studio or SAS models. It will sure break down some walls between business people and data scientist people because they can operate on the same database platform, thus enabling the real time business combined with the real time predictive analytics. Hopefully this will eliminate unnecessary ETL jobs between systems. It's going to be very interesting to follow the roadmap for this alliance between SAP and SAS and how the market responds.

  • This, plus the effort SAP is putting into HAN and startup companies, is taking HANA further away from 'just' being a pure SAP product. More and more we are starting to hear about pure HANA implementations, with no other relationship between the customer and SAP (not even analytics... after all, you can get SAS for that now !!).

    It will be interesting to see how this proceeds.