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Profile To Role Conversion – SAP R/3

Profile to Role Conversions

The projects which are using the old 4.7 versions of the SAP or might  have migrated upgraded versions but having a whole lot of profiles dependency existing  ; still needs to go to a next step .

If your landscape is large and your users are having a wide range of already existing profiles ; in that case even if you upgrade your SAP version , but haven’t  created the corresponding roles to the profiles ,, then the concept of new versions to move from profiles to roles is not fully achieved .

There are ways to achieve it ; depending upon the scenario or your landscape :

  1. Analyzing of the profile based upon the user groups .

  The key to make roles form the guide line of the profiles is to analyse the profile ; one way of doing this is classifying the users in terms of their user groups and seeing which are the profiles assigned to the maximum number of users and then those profiles can be analyzed further for their authorizations and correspondingly new roles can be created , single or composite .  

  1. There are certain other ways also to reduce the number of profiles in the roles ; i.e by creating single roles for each profile or by merging profiles to the existing roles .

How to do it technically :

Converting profiles into Roles

Tcode – SU25 – Select Option 6. Copy Data from Old profiles


Say ok to below screen


Select the profiles(one or more) which you want to convert into Role



Converting Profile to Role using option Optimized


Now the profile converted into Role with the objects from the profiles and some additional objects with yellow which needs to be deactivated, also in this option tcodes list will be created under Menu tab as shown in the next screen shot


Tcodes list created under Menu tab


Option: 2

Converting Profile into Role using option Identical to Profile



In this option, the profile will be copied exactly same as profile data, you will not see any additional objects with yellow, there is no adjustment required in the role after conversion.

The disadvantage of this option is Menu, there is no Menu item created in this option as shown in the next screen.


No Menu item created for the second option


Apart from above method ; you can also use insert option in the pfcg edit mode ; if you want to add the all the authorizations of a profile to an existing role or new role .

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