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The Below document may be useful  for freshers.

Requirement:- After confirming the production quantity of  1000 No’s the fixtures/dies should be reworked/calibrated.

The below step should be followed for achieving the requirement.

Step 1– create PRT using T.code – IE25


In PRT tab

a. Enter the usage value formula – YSAP02 [ In config (OIZM) maintain formula YSAP02 = SAP_09 (operation qty) ]


b. Create the Maintenance plan and counter for the PRT and enter the data.

Creation of Maintenance plan for the PRT ( T.code- IP41)


Here i have created a plan in such a way that after confirming 10 qty the PRT has to go for rework.

Scheduling the plan:-

After saving the plan schedule the plan using T.code- IP10 / IP30

Step 2 – Assign the PRT in the routing.


Click on PRT icon


Select the Equipment icon and assign the created PRT to the routing and save it.

Step 3 – Create the Production order for the material using T.code- CO01


Step 4:- Confirm the production order qty using T.code – CO15

Step 5 – Make the GR against the Order no. [ T.code- MIGO ]

Step 6 :- Check the Measurement document of the PRT. [ T.code- IK17 ]


Step 7 :- Now run IP10 for the Maintenance plan


Since 10 nos has been confirmed a new order will be created save the call.

Step 8– View the order created for the PRT using T.code- IP24


Hope this will be usefull….

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  1. J Balakrishnan

    Dear Mr. Pramod,

                                      Assign the Inspection characteristics in routing with counter reading. Inspection lot will be triggered whenever the counter reading has reached


  2. Former Member

    good!!! would you mind share me the counter set up for the PRT? it seems there is a lot of counter can be seletec, i really have no idea which one is the best.

    my scenario is for cutter, some cutter’s lifecycle is 10000 times, it’s against to production order, that means, if production order qty is 3000, then cutter’s life is leave 7000 times. for this case, which counter can be used? thank you very much.


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