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Introduction:  Thru my doc am covering below 3 points.

  1. How to hide compounding info object
  2. How to show key fig without currency.    
  3. How to show currencies saperate from key fig

        Over the period on scn very frequently i am seeing how to hide compoding at bex.  i thought share useful steps with simple way.

Here am taking 0GL_ACCOUNT and compounding info object 0CHRT_ACCTS.


  How to hide compound info object: 

As usual am taking Gl account and comp code into rows and amount into columns.


Thru above design my our put look like below. it shows chart of accounts/glaccount in GL Account column.



Above Gl account showing as X001/number. (X001 – Chart of accounts / number – gl account no.)

Now I need remove compounding info object 0chart_accts(X001)from display.

Now am dragging 0chart_Accts into rows and display as No display. Gl account and comp code display as key .

Always compounded object need to be placeed above to primary info object to hide from display. Like below


  Now my output results will be shown without coumpounded info object. Observe gl account clolumn.


If you want to remove result display for comp code then right click on that column–> properties–> Results rows–>always suppress.


  Once you choose always suppress then you won’t result row for every comp code. We will results at end of of the rows.As shown below.



Now we can see result rows at end of the results. My results rows are not showing total amount due to the different currencies.  So now I will display currecnies and amount in separate columns.

2. Show key fig without currency.

  To remove units/currencies we need to use NODIM data function with new formula. So along with amount key fig am creating new formula with use of NODIM function.


So in my columns I have amount and amount without currency(new formula). So now my out put results are below.


  If we hide amount from display we can see amount without currency only.

3. How to see currency as separate column

  Drag currency into rows , display as key.


So my out will be like below. Its ads currency column to above pic.


  Now I will hide amount from display(graded out). So our output report will looks perfect as we needed. Separate columns
for currency and amounts without currencies.


So here we see the out put as needed.


Thanks for reading….

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  1. Former Member

    It covers very useful info that will help many colleagues. Well explained with screenshots. Nice job Raman, thank you for sharing.



  2. Martin Grob

    Hi Raman “How to hide compounding info object” is a nice approach haven’t seen this solution before. Thanks for pointing it out.


  3. Nitesh Kumar

    Dear Raman,

    Congratulations for entering the Top 50 list in SCN 🙂 .

    Your exploration on BI arena are really fabulous.

    Thank you for sharing one more nice document 🙂 .



  4. Former Member

    Hi Raman

    This is regarding first part of your instruction: hiding of compounded element.

    Imagine that in your example you have two chart of accounts values in the data that your report should show.

    So before applying the instructions you would see sth like this:

    ChrtOf Acc/GLAccount     Key Figure

    X001/131000                    100

    X002/131000                    200

    After applying your instruction you will see this:

    131000                              100

    131000                       200

    Is there a way to have the result like this:

    131000                      300


    Kind regards,



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