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Creation of own IMG Structure


Today i would like to share the document related to How we can use the  IMG Structure. When we enter IMG configuration, there are many paths nearly it is in thousands. It is difficult every time to remember the every path and also it is also difficult to go path wise as per some of the reasons like system performance and other reasons.

Generally if you want to do any configuration in IMG structure what we will do , will go path wise or will go directly T-code. But in  IMG structure we have thousands of paths and transactions. It is always remember means little bit difficult and sometimes it will take time because of server down or system performance issue

You can create , Change IMG structure at any time.

Main Use of create the New IMG structure is

1)  We can keep set of different level configuration paths under one Node.

2) It is not necessary to search every time to go path and do configuration, You can go directly transaction SIMGH

  For this we need additional information about  configuration.Below I explained detail steps, how to create IMG structure.

1) Go to SIMGH transaction code

Click on Create (F5)


Enter text



Click on enter


enter your package details and save.



click on insert structure nodes as sub nodes (Shift +F1)


Enter Node text


click on enter


click on activity (insert activity at same level (shift+F8)

Here we need to enter ID for configuration. To find ID, go to  SPRO configuration path and Menu bar additional information


Here you will get ID number for configuration .


Enter your ID number in Assigned object ” Documentation” and enter name .


Click on enter.


Click on enter.




Save and Go to back.


Go back  to initial screen and enter SIMGH,  Here you select the display button then it will show you configuration paths .

It is help ful to consultant to go easily to your required path.

You can extend the Standard SAP IMG . Means you can add new own customer -specific customizing tables in SAP IMG

See below path


Hope it is helpful to all.

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