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There have been packages already deployed to Sybase unwired server. While reviewing a particular package in SCC (Sybase Control Center), i came across one very known error.







All Sybase related services are up and running.


After checking in the logs, i came to know


ERROR MMS Thread-5 [,

ScheduledTask:d1_<test>.<1.0>_Product_Push] Missing value for required property ‘componentMethod’ in ScheduledTask:d1_<test>.<1.0>_Product_Push.


ERROR MMS Thread-5 [com.sybase.djc.log.SystemExceptionLog] was thrown by method com.sybase.djc.scheduler.ScheduledTask.init(java.lang.String)

\ Missing value for required property ‘componentMethod’ in ScheduledTask:d1_<test>.<1.0>_Product_Push.


It seems all properties files are not full built.


I redeployed that particular package and i was able to review it in SCC.





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    1. Jitendra Kansal Post author

      I get the same error trying to redeploy an existing package.

      Are you redeploying from SCC or workspace?

      If you are redeploying from workspace:

      user UPDATE but change the version Number

      use REPLACE option if you want to keep the same MBO package version no



      1. Damian Reyes Diaz

        I’ve tried from SCC and workspace and I get errors in both cases.

        I prefer to maintain the version, but REPLACE mode doesn’t work, I get a Server error.

        I’ve tried to change package version and deploy process works fine. Now I’ve two packages in the Server (version 1.0 and 1.1). When I try to delete the old version I get an error again. How can I delete the 1.0 version ??

        Thanks for your answer



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