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Each InfoObject can hold a global transfer routine which always gets executed after the transformation or the communication structure. No matter if the updaterule. Using global “transfer routine exists” makes sense if an InfoObjet gets transformed with an ABAP routine always on the same way.

Transfer routine exists

If this indicator is set a transfer routine is defined for the InfoObject.The routine is then integrated in all transfer rules that are containing the InfoObject.

When data is transferred the logic contained in the individual transfer rules at the beginning. The routine is then carried out on the value of the corresponding field for every InfoObject that has a transfer routine. The code you define in the InfoObject you only have to maintain once, but is valid for all transfer rules

Calculating the field in transfer routine only works based on one field in the datasource as only one value can be handled in the routine.


The transfer routine has to be maintained on the InfoObject maintainance in the general tab.

Global transfer routines are great to check syntax or convert strings to upper case.  “Transfer routine exists” like other routines is  also based on a declaration part, parameter section and the code itself.




After calling up the editor of the routine maintenance you get to the framework above.


Holds the datarecord number of the record which will be handled in the transferrule.


Contains the logical name of the source system


Contains the current value of the InfoObject which has been assinged in the transfer routine


Any value <> 0 will be conisdered an error and causes the cancellation of the datapackages.


Hold the technical name of the InfoObject

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Martin Grob , nice info but can you pls explain if we need to do any specific setting in transforamtion or just no transforamtion to cal transfer routine

  2. Benedict Venmani Felix

    Hi, This blog is from 4yrs ago. You have a better chance of getting a response if you post your query in the BW space as a question. But do search and see if this topic is already discussed.

    To answer your question. No specific setting is needed on the transformation side. One a transformation is defined at the infoobject level, it executes by default after all the global routines have run

  3. Former Member


    Can you please provide a sample code for converting a particular fields data to UPPERCASE.

    I am beginner in ABAP, A detailed Example is much appreciated.



  4. Ipsita Kundu


    Hello Martin,

    The transfer routine of an Info-objects is applicable for 3.x flow(transfer rule which is in 3.x version) or it is used only from 7.x flow(transformation which is in 7.x version)??






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