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SCN Idea place – A “great idea” going unnoticed

I would like to bring this topic to the notice of SCN team and rest of the community. Because, such a wonderful idea by SCN design team has not really gained the attention of the community.

SCN has introduced a new separate place called Idea Place“. Below is the link for the same.

However, this place has hardly gained the attention of the community as it is left behind the clouds. This can be simply seen from the number of registered users which is Just 443 where as SCN has around 100000+ active users and 200000+ registered users. I am just wondering why this place was separated from rest of the community with different registration setup and remote from regular SCN community.

This place is basically designed so that people can submit their ideas. These ideas can be any thing like changes/improvements in SCN design, adding new features etc.

Please find below some of the ideas which I have submitted.{A9FBCB22-03B4-4B3A-B51D-6FF3804378A4}{052AE4BA-45DD-4659-9DC6-414AEFC13692}

Once the Idea is submitted, community can go to the idea, promote/demote, leave their comments. SCN team would review the idea, check if it is useful to the community, check the feasibility of implementing the same. Once they find useful and feasible, they would go ahead with implementation step. If it is not useful/feasible, they would reject the idea with the rejection comments.

My suggestion to the team is, Include this great idea as one of the Space in SCN itself so that it gains more attention and visibility.

If “Coffee Corner” can reserve a place in SCN where people can post anything in their mind, then why not “Idea Place” !!!?

I am not posting this as another Idea in “Idea space” as it might go unnoticed again 😆

I am eager to listen from the design team and other community members opinion on this ℹ


Vinod Vemuru

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  • Hi Vinod,

    thank you for the feedback and call out to Idea Place and specifically the SCN Innovations and Enhancement Idea Session.

    In response to your blog, let me first start with saying it has been a bit of a journey. We started Idea Place on an older Jive platform before SCN. When SCN moved to Jive we were planning on integrating the two such that the experience within SCN would be intimately tied to Idea Place. Unfortunately, after intensive use of Jive for 2 years we found it to be good for ideation but lacking as an innovation management platform. Thus we opted for a purpose built innovation management platform using BrightIdea. This includes everything from ideation, collaboration, evaluation, prototyping, execution and lots more. It was a difficult decision as the trade off meant Idea Place will always be separate from SCN.  The new platform has proven to be simply amazing, allows us to do many more things, is a lot more flexible and enables us to push a lot more of the innovation management process into the software.

    Knowing the platforms will be separate for the foreseeable future, we had to look at how to connect Idea Place and SCN.  We have tried a few content and navigation type activities, for example having Idea Place in the banner and in newsletter but this has had low uptake. Some of the lessons learned around running campaigns is that they need to be timely and be in close contact to the potential participants. In that I mean, we look to having hard start and end dates to encourage participation. This style has started to be implemented for some Idea Sessions and proven very effective. On the ‘close contact’ item we have found there are some passionate individuals like yourself who find Idea Place but difficult to get many without engaging much more intimately. We are constantly looking at ways to improve participation.

    From a  more technical perspective, we have done a few items: First the decision was made to remove complexities in getting access, thus the logon on Idea Place is the same account as SCN, this includes the profile. We have also asked community space owners to link to the associated Idea Session in Idea Place on their pages – something that seems to be missing in About SCN, so I’ll talk to the owners. 🙂

    Pushing further what else can we do? Here are some ideas we have on the drawing board:

    – Search integration

    – Activity stream integration

    – Badges

    – Creating an Idea Place widget for SCN community owners that would show some of the matching Idea Session’s ideas

    With that said, we are always interested in more ideas and feedback so please continue to share.

    One little tip: You can reference ideas in short form like:

    The D-number can be found just below the title when you drill down on the respective idea.

    Thanks again



    • I love the SAP Idea Place. So mush so that if you look me up in the Idea Place “space” that I work with, you’ll see I have a pretty good ranking.

      Problem with the Idea Place is that it assumes that the powers that be, will actually look at the ideas. I have recently discovered that Ideas for a certain SAP product have not been looked at in 2 1/2 + years. And when I asked why, the response was:

      “Although we are behind on delivering enhancements from this list having all this feedback in one place is very valuable and it will be considered in future releases.”

      After 2 1/2 years of inattention, that sounds rather hollow…

      – Ludek

      Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada

      • Hello Ludek,

        Seems SAP idea place has not gained importance not only amongst user community but also with in SCN team. Hope they will come up with great idea to get the Idea zone on track 😉



    • Hi Harish,

      As per above reply from Kuhan, there seems  to be some challenges to make this space lively like other SCN topic areas where almost every 5 minutes we see a post.

      Wish to see this kind of action with more innovative ideas soon in Idea place too 🙂



  • Hi Vinod,

    If “Coffee Corner” can reserve a place in SCN where people can post anything in their mind, then why not “Idea Place” !!!?

    Idea place is very important now a days. In my organization also they have started Quality Innovation & Ideas. Every 3 month we are providing many ideas related to our module and appreciated by our clients. Still we are waiting to implement in our project and to our organization. I like very much the above sentence that you have mentioned in your blog. Keep sharing ! Notify different concepts. It will be very useful for each and every one in our community. Thanks.


    Hari Suseelan