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So, “it will be so nice and relaxed at TechEd”, right?  haha, and I signed up for InnoJam on Sunday, thought it would be a nice relaxing Sunday session.

Got here “late”.  It started at 9 but I got here at 11. No biggie I thought. And it wasn’t.   But, I was asked to join a team. For some reason I ended up in a team that had a challenge given to them called “Kids Love Math”.  Using the methodology “Design Thinking” to come up with an answer to how we can use sports statistic to make math fun for kids.

Still no biggie, fun fun. And we worked through the afternoon and increasingly towards “developing a mobile app for the kids”. Sure, we can write up a design and draw out some stick men on a piece of paper.

But no, now they want the app to be developed. Sure, no biggie, we can do that tomorrow.   But no. The Code Freeze is at 3pm tomorrow and the rooms are open ALL NIGHT. *ugh*

So here I am, it is now 8:11pm and it is expected that we stay here all night till the app is done. And if we are the winners we will win something big and our app will be shown to 5000 TechEd attendees. LOL

Talk about stepping in it big time.  haha, so much for lying in my bed drinking a bunch of wine and do nothing. lol But awesome team, loads of fun, and the best learning experience taking a idea through Design Thinking to a developed application using Hana and UI5

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