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Object based Navigation (OBN) based on Business Objects & POWL – in Portal


Please note in this scenario I have shown from the POWL example. This OBN configuration is applicable to all OBN configuration in Portal.

We have copied the standard iViews into our custom folder and created a role to launch a Maintenance Tasks iview.

We are able to display it fine. however, when we select any notification and click on the buttons such as change notification/display notification, it doesn’t display the respective iView’s in new window, as it generally does in the standard role/iview.

It displays an error message saying “There is no iView available for system “SAP_ERP_Manufacturing”: object “notification”. For more information, contact your administrator.”

In the below example on POWL screen select notification created by User link (Called Query).

10-21-2013 5-08-26 PM.png

Select any notification(in table row) and click on say, Display Notification button, below error messages pops up.

10-21-2013 5-09-40 PM.png

scenario may vary based on our requirements. Another exmample navigating from one webdynpro application to another webdynpro application. 

Root Cause

Even though we copied the standard iview to our custom folder, the iview doesn’t have the OBN properties copied and configured. We have to manually add the business operation to the OBN Business object.

10-21-2013 5-10-19 PM.png

Step by step procedure

Process Flow of Business Object and Business Operation in OBN

10-21-2013 5-11-01 PM.png

  1. User Logins in to Portal with User ID and access the assigned Role
  2. Access the assigned Application(In this case POWL application).
  3. Click on the appropriate action Button on Application (POWL)
  4. iView/ Page linked to BO Operation is triggered

Procedure to add the iView as Source and Targets in OBN:

  1. Adding Application as OBN Source:

Add business object operations that this iView activates at runtime. You can add operations automatically, if you check the iView runtime by choosing Check Source iView; or you can add operations manually from the Portal Catalog.

Here, we have the iview/application(POWL), which is the OBN source. From this iview, we would launch other iViews upon Action/Button.

10-21-2013 5-11-54 PM.png

  1. Adding Application as OBN Target

Current iView/page opens upon activation of the following business object operations

Here we create the Business Operation, by selecting the Business Object, Operation it would perform and System Alias defined.

Above fields selected are from standard Operations that we have under ERP Common Parts folder, in manufacturing folder

PCD path: Business Objects – ERP Common Parts – Maintenance Management – Maintenance Notification – select the operation that you want to activate.

10-21-2013 5-13-16 PM.png

We use standard business object that’s in the ERP Common parts folder as per the iview we want to launch, as the Business Object of Target iview.

This business object and operations we need to read from feeder classes or from ECC where ever you required.

Code Snippet of reading BO from ECC:

           ls_powl_follow_upbo_system  = <system alias>.

           ls_powl_follow_upbo_name    = ‘maintenance_order’.

           ls_powl_follow_upbo_op_name = ‘change’.

           ls_powl_follow_upparameters = <Passing Parameters to target iview>.

Please comment if any further clarifications.



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  • Hello Venky,

    interesting post. I have one questions. What do I have to do when I show items from same business object type but different source systems in POWL. How can I implement the following scenario:

    notification -> ALIAS: SAP_ERP_1

    notification -> ALIAS: SAP_ERP_2

    notification -> ALIAS: SAP_ERP_3


    Even when I don´t need to show notifications from 3 systems in one portal role I need to show notifications of different systems in different roles:

    Role1 to ALIAS: SAP_ERP_1

    Role2 to ALIAS: SAP_ERP_2

    Role3 to ALIAS: SAP_ERP_3


    Any idea how to solve this issue?



    • Hello Roman,

      Yes this is possible.

      • First copy the required standard business object and name it with different names.
      • Next create three different iViews for notifications and add the above created BO's in the iView under ObjectBased Navigation.
      • Finally assign these three iViews to different three roles.

      Role1 to notification for ERP_1 -> ALIAS: SAP_ERP_1

      Role2 to notification for ERP_2 -> ALIAS: SAP_ERP_2

      Role3 to notification for ERP_3 -> ALIAS: SAP_ERP_3

      Please let me know still you need any clarification.



      • Hello Venky,

        thanks for your reply. I tried to do so and my first problem is that I don´t find a function for copying a Business Object. There is only "Copy ID" function but no "Paste" function. Do you have any idea how to copy the Business Objects?

        Thanks for any hints.

        Best regards


        • Hi Roman,

          You should required Write permissions to that business object folder. If you have user admin access please add super admin and try or else request you administrator provide the required access to make a copy of the required business object.



          • Hello Venky,

            I have super admin role. But there is no insert or paste function. The Portal Version is 7.31

            Any more idea?



          • Hi Roman,

            I see we can't copy the BO.

            For your requirement we need to create custom BO by referring different System alias and assigned to individual respective iViews.