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My first journey

Hello everyone,

Here goes my story for the The Data Geek Challenge

I took the Stock values from the EUR/USD from 01.01.1971 to today (Monthly values)

Well I think I first need to explain a little:

-every monthly entry has an Opening, Closing, High, Low price

With this info I started.

I was curious about some statements you hear the last time:

-is the range (difference between High and low) bigger the last time

-can I simple visualize the bigger and smaller stock market crashes

Well Here are the visualizations :

First up, the tag cloud representation for the dates were we had the biggest negative range (Open-Close)

Well indeed the difficult years (crashes and other big pull downs) are nicely in the center!

And see there…2008 was actually the biggest monthly fall from 1971 till now!


In a Phie Chart…we also see…at 1.10.2008 we had a drop in the EURUSD of 2.24%…


Same view in the Tree Map


And we also can see that the ranges go bigger and bigger if markets are dropping


Well it’s it’s a nice tool I think… maybe not that suitable for Stock-markets….

Anyway I learned the basics of SAP Lumira

Best regards,

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  • hi,

    some issues with your graphics, not all screenshots are showing.

    also i would recommend using Boxplots – they are perfect for displaying ‘ranges’ .

    and maybe use a Rank for ‘top 25’ by years, or something?

    another point , you got a typo for ” Pie charts”

    Also, can you quantify and qualify your conclusions better ?



        • Hi,

          Strange….I see all the pictures in the blog?! as well in edit view as well in show mode..

          What I’m doing wrong then… 😕

          Well I inserted the pics again…hope this is working…

          • There appears to be a total of 8 photos.

            #1, #4, #6, and #8 are NOT showing.

            Please fix those by editing this post, deleting the photo’s, saving the blog post, and then going back in and uploading the photo’s one more time. (Don’t forget to save)

            Once that’s done let us know, and we’ll confirm on our side.

            It could be just a simple refresh required for the server.

            Thanks for your co-operation!

          • wellwell….

            strange…strange… I only have 4 images NOT 8 images ….?!

            anyway…I deleted everything, saved it..copied the old tekst back, inserted the images again and saved it again… Hope that’s working.