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How to find SPRO Path from any Particular Screen

Business Requirement: Sometimes we are unable to find the exact path from SPRO setting, This is the simple way through which you can find your particular desire path in SPRO as per your requirement. I have mentioned my working with defining one path from Sale Order Creation Screen (VA01) My requirement is to findout where we have defined delivery block settings. So for this, First of all click on the tab and press f1 for the help screen.

Solution: Executed Transaction Code VA01 (Sale order Creation), I.e according to requirement i want to search SPRO path for Delivery Order Maintainance So i will select the concern tab and will press f1.


With f1 help you will find this screen as stated below, after then you have to click on the ‘key’ screen tab.

snap 2.png

by clicking on this field you have to go on Continue w/o specifying project, i.e :

snap 3.png

For this particular tab, You will find two paths in SPRO which has been defined below:

snap 4.png

snap 5.png

This directly take you to the SPRO setting path as mentioned below:

snap 6.png

NOTE: I hope This document will be helpful for the SD ‘Begginners’ Users to save their time by correctly slecting the particular Path.



Suhaib Bin Aziz

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