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HCM Processes and Forms: All about Create Org Unit form

There are many new FPM forms as said by Robert Moeller (in his blog – Updates, including FP3, regarding consumer grade UI for SAP HCM – HR Renewal ) that were delivered in HR Renewal 1.0. Though SAP has given us some decent information ( Create Organizational Unit – Personnel & Organization – SAP Library ), this info pretty basic and technical(there is no way that one can view the actual form from this documentation). So I decided to put down all related information for this form into this blog.

Form Initiation

These Org Unit forms are usually initiated by HR Specialist or HR Administrators. HR Administrators can use one of the following options –

Forms Start Application –

This application allows HR Administrators to search for Org Units based on Org Unit ID, Org Unit Abbreviation or Org Unit Name. You can click on Action menu to initiate these OM forms.


Maintain Master Data Application –

This application allows HR Administrators to maintain employee, position and Org unit information. You can locate this Org Unit using “Search” functionality. You can click on Action menu to initiate these OM forms.


HR Administrators can also initiate these forms from landing page (from search functionality and Workforce Viewer).

Form Layout

This form allows us to create a new Org Unit under any existing Org Unit. The form is split into different sections (Groups in technical terms) like Validity (with Start and End dates), Basic data(with fields from Infotype 1000,Infotype 1002 and Infotype 1003), Master Cost Center, Account Assignment(with fields from Infotype 1008), Work Schedule(with fields from Infotype 1011).



Let me know if you need more information about this Standard form.

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    • Hi Jayasree,

      I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, can you please reiterate your question more clearly.


      Raja Sekhar

      • hello Raja..

        This is really very informative.  We are trying to get the OM based forms on our test client, but currently not able to see the OM related processes like Create org units, positions etc on our process list.  I tried to import them from the piecelist from client 000 but found only HRASR_PAO_US_FP1_001 and 3 other countries with FP1.  Do we need other piecelists as well?  If yes, then what is the process to get these piecelists?

        Do we need to deploy any addons?

        Thanks and Best Regards.


        • Karan,

          I would check the following points –

          1. Activation of new Business functions(HCM_ASR_CI_X) that provide us these new forms.

          2. I would try doing “Forms Reconciliation” in HRASR_DT to copy these new form’s configuration(both Form Scenarios and Processes).

          Let me know if you still face issues.


          Raja Sekhar