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2013 Moderator Rules of Engagement

The SCN Community consists of hundreds of spaces, where thousands of content items are being submitted and unique visitors log in daily. Our community has been evolving for 10 years (since 2003) and continues to develop and grow. In order to maintain quality content and provide a platform for genial conversation it requires well managed Rules of Engagement for users to follow.

As this community grew bigger and interests began to vary it also required moderation to help maintain SCN objectives and spirit. In 2011 community leading moderators established their first Moderator Rules of Engagement. This set of rules and recommendations was created by moderators for moderators and has been updated each year since. Moderation is subjective therefore differences in moderation occur. These guidelines serve as a common baseline for moderators to minimize the differences.

The Moderator Council which is a small group of moderator leaders, that are elected each year, play a key role in revising and updating these guidelines. This year too, the Moderators’ Council helped update the Moderator Rules of Engagement (MoRE) so that it aligns with changes such as Gamification and pre-moderation. The Moderator Rules of Engagement were updated following these and other changes. A new approach was introduced on topics as frequency of content review, discussions moderation and misuse of designated content types.

We believe in transparency in our community and our moderators support it, therefore the Moderators Rules of Engagement were made public. You can find the MRoE in the About SCN space under the Copy of Moderators’ Rules of Engagement document. These rules address various aspects of moderation and you are welcome to familiarize yourself with these rules in order to understand what is expected to be a good community minded and what is not.

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These guidelines were created for more than 1000 moderators and space editors (as both roles share moderation responsibilities). Check out the SCN Space Contact List to find team members of the space of your interest.

Special thanks to our 2013 Moderators’ Council: Jyoti Prakash, Mariana Mihaylova, Ludek Uher, Kenny Scott and Gali Kling Schneider for driving the change this year!

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      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart

      Thanks Oxana - as one of the 1000 or so I agree it's really important to be transparent in what we do and don't do.  Also I would like to point out that the vast majority of our moderators do this work in their own time... both patience and assistance in resolving issues reported by SCN members would be appreciated..

      Especially we would really appreciate it if more people took the trouble to help clean up the poor quality content by reporting it as abuse.  Not only is bad content reported by multiple people automatically hidden while it is being moderated but it also helps us identify the newbies πŸ˜• who need some support, and those members whose professional behaviour shall we say "needs improvement" 😑 so that we can take appropriate remedial action in our quest of a better community for all. 😘  

      Author's profile photo Srinivas Salpala
      Srinivas Salpala

      Hi Oxana,

      Thanks for sharing the information. This would really helps to keep the SCN with quality of content.

      BR, Srinivas Salpala

      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m

      Appreciate the efforts put in formulating the Guide lines and Rules of Engagement.

      But have a suggestion for its process improvement/Application .

      Current process : Any one can post and moderetors need to find whether its within the rules of Engagement and if not , Its deleted.

      recommended : when a User try to post the Blog/Document  - Why cant system give a POP "Did you checked  in SCN on the availability ? or " Are you posting it in correct Forum " with a small detail

      Same way -If an user post a Question : When post is clicked - system need to trigger a warning Msg. Asking " Did you checked in SCN on any Document is available"

      All Msg . need to a warning type.User can bypass it and post.

      Sameway: On replying to a POST in the form Sytem need to check few points

      Like Only a link is provided - System should suggest "Giving only the  link is not acceptable etc and ask us to  brief if .

      If SCN do an Analysis on this , SCN can and find the count how Rules of Engagement are followed .

      I believe a 40 % improvement is ensured before and after this additional feature in SCN.

      SCN can be proactive on this.

      Please share your thought on this .

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Manu,

      Thanks for sharing your ideas.

      Some of these are on our radar, but these suggestions require platform changes. We've made a request to platform provider to consider these improvements.



      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m

      Hi Oxana,

      Thank you for your note . Truly inspiring πŸ™‚



      Manoj Mohanan nair

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for Sharing knowledge..