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SAP Certification via Pearson Vue in Middle East

I always wanted to do SAP Certification but every time I thought next year would be fine and 8 years passed away quickly πŸ™


But this time I thought it’s now or never.

As I was working in Middle East (Gulf), I enquired about SAP ABAP Certification and I found the procedure is very simple compared to India.


As of now in Middle East, SAP Certification is through Pearson Vue. For this we need to register in Pearson Vue.


I did not have S-user ID.

I paid Money as a bank deposit or bank transfer to the Bank specified by SAP MENA.

For Bank Details & SAP Application form contact SAP MENA ( )

Then I have filled the SAP Application Form along with the Exam code.

We need to send passport copy & SAP Application Form (if we don’t have S-ID it can be left blank) and Money Transfer Receipt (Telex Transfer) to SAP MENA ( )


After few days SAP MENA would send the Voucher which contains S-User ID and Pearson Vue Voucher code.

Then we can register in Pearson Vue with the new S-User ID and need to provide the Pearson Vue Voucher code and Book the Exam.


Once the Exam is written in the Pearson Vue Test Center, Pearson Vue would provide a Certificate with the Percentage of Marks (This is not the Actual SAP Certificate).

Within 4 or 5 Weeks, you would receive SAP Certificate via Post.

If you don’t receive it then you can contact Dubai office and they would print the Certificate and will hand over to our representative (we can send some courier person to pick up a courier).

After clearing the test, send an Email from SAP Market place to receive password for your S-user id.

And Finally I got my SAP Certification done πŸ™‚

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      • Hi Shaik,

        Hearty congrats for your greatest achievement.

        I was just wondering if you could have share the knowledge on getting jobs in middle east countries.

        How difficult it is and what employers expectations.It would be grateful for us to share a knowledge on how to get a job in middle east countries.


        Sakthivel S

  • Thanks Sajid for useful information. Congratulations !!!!! on your success.

    I would like ask a question:

    Did they have any years of experience in SAP as a prerequisite to write the examination?

    If so, what those rules are?

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Sajid,

    First of all many many congratulations for certification…

    Very Helpful article for an SAP certification, further I want to update my knowledge about the SAP Certification exam in the MENA region.

    Kind regards,


  • Congratulations Shaik!

    I am also one of those who has been procrastinating the certification for some time now. I am now a bit more determined to pursue it and your document was very useful in motivating me to make it a reality. I will be approaching SAP MENA for the same.  I might get back to you in case of any queries. πŸ™‚

    Thanks and regards,


  • Can anybody clarify my query. I am an ex-SAP employee with SAP Certification starting with “i” user and not “S” user. I don’t remember my password and if i try to reset it goes to my sap email id, which is not valid anymore. I am currently working in Middle East. I tried contacting, but they didn’t respond to my query clearly. Instead, they just gave the website of Pearsonvue. Can I directly apply through pearsonvue and write my exam with my “i” user?

  • Sajid, I reside in Qatar currently.I have no idea  about SAP but would like to do some certifications.What do I do if I do not have any SAP exp or do not have a S-ID? Do you know any good online training courses?

    • Dear Bhuvana, To write Certification you need S-ID. If you are taking training from SAP directly then you can attend for SAP Certification and also get the materials to prepare but its costly (above 2.5 lacs)….Local institutes in Hyderabad provide trainings whose rate is cheap(25K), however obviously there will be a difference between the Quality of SAP and local institutes…I have no idea which is a good institute, however you can find many in LinkedIn.



  • Hi Shaik,

    Nice writeup about SAP Certification via Pearson Vue in Middle East. Thanks for sharing your wonderful SAP Certification in and out. Keep updating new things which helps other to apply for SAP Certification much easier.

    All the best!


    Hari Suseelan

  • Hi Sajid,

    Nice write-up for taking SAP Certification in MENA region.
    Even I enquired once with SAP Education MENA, its easier then going for the same in India.

    Its helpful for the folks would are planning to take up certification and do not match the pre-requisite in India or some other country. Moreover, it would also give a chance certification, travel & adventure what best can be.



    • Hi Bhagya,

      You can either learn from SAP Bangalore (it costs nearly 3 lacs) or from some institutes in Hyderabad(it costs less) or even online Trainings. But for local institutes you can’t guarantee the Quality of Education. But SAP provides the Best Quality of Education.



      • Dear Shaik,

        I did not understand. You suggest I go and stay in Bangalore or Hyderabad? If SAP provides the best quality of education, you mean online training?



  • Hi Sajid,

    At first i would like to wish congratulations on reaching this milestone.

    Just want to ask, I am also in gulf,I and my few colleagues  inquired about the certification from SAP MENA . We came to know that this certification will be valid for MENA region only and not in other European countries.

    Can you please confirm weather its true or not.


      • Hello Sajid,

        Thanks for yor reply.

        Actually, I asked already but didn’t  get any clear response. So, i am still puzzled about its global validity. Please let me know if you get any info about it.


      • Hi Sajid,

        When I was interested to do direct certification exam from UAE, at that time, I had inquired on the same mail id  in Oct, 2013. According to them, they are no longer holding certification from this year onwards.

        Then, I accomplished certification FI-module from Ahmedabad.

        As per my knowledge, direct cert. exam is not possible without OLT / ILT.



        • Hi,

          In Middle East, Direct Certification is possible without OLT / ILT.

          However I recommend OLT / ILT because the Quality of SAP Education is Super.

          You need to write Exam from Pearson Vue.



  • Hi Sajid,

      Thanks for ur post. It is very useful to people who is looking for sap certification. I am living in dubai now and i am planning to stay here for another 10 months. I had prior experience in sap bi ad BO and i am interested to do certification. Whether they will conduct certification monthly or certain planned dates only? Do we need to book in advance like 2-3 months before or how it should be ? Bcoz i am not prepared for the exam and it will take another 3-4 months time to make myself comfortable. So if i want to book early i can book now and start preparing.

    • Hi Bowya,

      Its always better to pay and book 1 month or 1.5 months before. You can attend the exam on any day(Monday to Thursday).



  • Hi, I also have completed my certification and can you suggest how to send the mail from sap market place to receive the password for S-user ID

  • Hi,

    Thank you for details mentioned in blog. As mentioned, i contacted SAP . Following which i did payment along with all documents. But now i havn’t received any mail from them, its been a week since i have send payment receipt & other docs. Could you please tell me how long will it take for SAP to provide me voucher. I had requested them for S-User ID too.

    Thanks in advance.


      • Hi,

        Ok, i am still waiting. It’s been 2 weeks and there’s seems to be no reply from SAP MENA to my mails. Keeping fingers crossed! 😐 Could you please tell me, whether they send voucher through mail or via post?

        Thank you!



        • Dear George,

          They send the Voucher through EMail….If its been 3 weeks then send them reminder….All the Best for your certification.


          Sajid Shaik

  • Hi Shaik Sajid,

    I am currently working in Qatar and would like to take up C_TAW12_731 certification.

    I have go the S-ID from SAP MENA Education.

    What was the validity of Pearson Vue voucher that you purchased. Meaning once I get the voucher from SAP MENA Education then untill how many months can i use the voucher to book the exam?

    Appreciate your response

    Thanks & Regards


    • Hi Ibrahim,

      Usually the Pearson Vouchers are valid for one year. Anyway, SAP would tell the voucher validity period. Somewhere, I read it is valid for 6 months. However, in UK, it is 1 year. I would not expect you to drag this beyond six months.



      • Hi Ravi,

        SAP MENA Education has informed me that the voucher is valid for only 3 months. But everywhere else on the forums people say the vouchers are valid for upto 1 year.

        I wasnt sure if this is the case for the rest of the regions.

        Accordingly I need to plan my purchase and my preparation for the exam.



  • Hi Sajid Shaik, and Susmitha Susan Thomas,

    I am planning to do SAP-ABAP certification from UAE, i am an Indian resident and would be coming to UAE for certification only(eg. Tourist Visa,).
    i have a concern, on ERP certification website they have mentioned that

    “In order to be eligible to get a Pearson Vue voucher,

    the applicant must fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

    Should be a MENA National

    Should have MENA Residence visa / business visa

    Should have S-User ID”
    following is the link

    SAP Certification in Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

    they have also mentioned that along with passport copy they will require visa copy.
    so i am bit confused about my eligibility.
    can you please guide me.

    Thanks in Advance


    Asif Jamadar

    • Dear Asif,

      I am not sure about Tourist Visa.

      I have Resident Visa, so I did not face any problem.

      Write to SAP MENA and get confirmation from them.

      All the Best.



  • Hi Sajid Shaik and all,

    following is the reply which i got when i sent a mail to SAP MENA.
    They have also made training or experience mandatory.

    hoping this will help others.

    Dear Customers and Partners,

    In 2013, the decision was made that SAP MENA would not be hosting any certification sessions directly. We have been providing Pearson Vue vouchers to enable participants to attend certification sessions at one of the many Pearson Vue testing centers across MENA. These vouchers were (and still are) are only redeemable by the person purchasing the voucher and only in the MENA region (excluding Pakistan)

              UAE, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait, and Lebanon.


    • What is Pearson Vue?

    Pearson Vue is a SAP Certified Testing Center that holds certification exams. For more information on Pearson Vue, please click on the following website link:

    As a further step in ensuring we offer certification to qualifying participants, we are now putting the following conditions in place.

    In order to be eligible to obtain a Pearson Vue voucher, the applicant should meet the following criteria:

    (Step 1)

    1. 1. All Applications must meet one of the following requirements:

    1) Should be a MENA National with a valid passport (This excludes all embargo countries)


    2) Should have a valid MENA Residence visa (This excludes all embargo countries)

    Proof of the above should be sent to SAP MENA Education in the form of either a valid passport (in the case of a MENA National) or a valid residence visa (in the case of a MENA Resident) we do not accept business or tourist visas


    1. 2. In addition to the above, a participant needs to meet one of the following requirements:

    1) Should have attended Official SAP Courses directly from an SAP Education Training Center, in this case, participants should
    a) Forward a copy of their Certificate of Attendance/Participation
    b) Forward their S user ID – (SXXXXXXXXXX)

    2) Should have attended Official SAP Courses from an authorized SAP Training Partner, in this case, participants should
    a) Forward a copy of Certificate of Attendance/Participation
    b) Forward a copy of confirmation from the Partner – signed and stamped

    3) If working for an SAP Partner or SAP Customer for at least 1 year, participants should
    a) Forward a copy of their CV with qualifications
    b) Forward a letter from their company, confirming their relevant experience (as required for the particular certification exam) – signed and stamped by their HR department

                    – HR letter must contain:

    1)            Certification Exam code:

    1. a.            Ex: C_THR12_66

    2)            Company Name

    1. a.            Must be in MENA
    1. b.            Must be a SAP customer/partner

    3)            Position/Designation

    4)            Job Description

    1. a.            Experience must be relevant to the exam
    1. b.            Experience must be in MENA
    1. c.             Include the start and end date of specified experience

    5)            Existing Reference

    1. a.            Must be in MENA
    1. b.            Relevant to the experience mentioned (can confirm your experience)
    1. i.              Name
    1. ii.             Designation
    1. 1.            Proof of ID from company
    1. iii.            Phone number
    1. iv.           Email ID

    6)            Letter must be stamped and signed by HR

    4) Should have a SAP Learning Hub Subscription, participants should
    a) Forward their S user ID (SXXXXXXXXXX) / SAP Learning Hub ID

    Note: Without fulfilment of the above stated requirements (any one of them), the voucher will not be issued.

    Provide a copy of your visa/ passport PLUS the other relevant requirements

    • Scan the first page (Identification page) of your passport, as well as the Visa page and send it to us. Please note that the scan must be clear, and all the letters must be legible.
    • All other requirements MUST be clear; otherwise registration will NOT be accepted.

    Important NOTES:

    1)      You are only qualified to purchase the Certification voucher for the Exam code that is relevant to your experience.


                Example: For C_THR12_65 exam

    1)      You need to show Courses attended

    1. a.       Certificates for THR10 and THR12

    2)      You need to show Letter from Company

    1. a.       Confirmation from Manager/ HR  signed and stamped

    Before Taking the exam

    1. 1. We can only provide the voucher once the payment has been received. (Please allot at least 2 weeks for payment confirmation.)
    1. 2. You need to contact Pearson Vue testing centers directly to check the schedule and exam availability. On their website, you can find all collection of exams, schedules and testing centers.
    1. 3. Voucher is valid for three (3) months only. You need to utilize the voucher within 3 months upon receiving it. However, the exam can be booked even after 3 months depending on the testing centers’ availability.
    1. 4. Please do not make any plans or commitments regarding your certification exam until you receive the voucher.
    1. 5. Please note that once we have issued the voucher, there is NO REFUND.
    1. 6. Voucher is NON TRANSFERRABLE.


    We are able to cross check the voucher code against the name of the examinee and if the registration does not match, we can delete you certification completely even if you have passed the exam and the certificate will be invalid.

    1. 7. You can only take the same exam 3 times, if you fail all; you need to wait until the latest version of the exam is released.
    1. 8. All certificates will be sent directly from SAP Germany to the address in your Pearson Vue profile via POST only NOT couriered. Make sure that your address is complete and correct in order to avoid any delay or loss in certificate delivery.
    1. 9. The certificate delivery time is 6-8 weeks after the exam date.
    1. 10. In case of any issues regarding Pearson Vue website, please contact PVEMEACUSTOMERSERVICE@PEARSON.COM email for customer support

    (Step 2)

    Fill in the application

    The Application Form is attached along with this email. Please fill in the Application Form and make sure you write all your information accurately. Most importantly, mention the exam code. You can get the information on the correct Exam code from the following link:

    Lastly, do not forget to provide your signature, once you have filled in the form.

    Note: If you already have an S-User ID, kindly provide that to us. We need it to maintain your correct record in our system. (The S-User ID is for the person who is taking the exam.)

    S-User ID is different from SAP-ID. SAP-ID is created upon creation of Pearson Vue Account. Please refer to the Pearson Vue website for more details.

    (Step 3)

    1. 1.       Document validation

    Please provide all the requested documents for validation purposes, once approved,

    we will provide the bank details and the payment methods.

    1. 2.       Certification fee structure

    The Associate Certificate (Code starts with C) is $475. (1,742 AED; 1,782 SAR)

    The Professional Certificate (Code starts with P) is $895. (3,283 AED; 3,357 SAR)

    What’s new in SAP MENA EDUCATION?

                      a) Learning Hub

    SAP Learning Hub provides immediate, cloud-based access to a vast selection of SAP learning content – and to our innovative, interactive learning rooms. And when you add SAP Live Access, you can carry out class assignments, prepare for customer engagements, or just experiment with live, fully configured SAP training systems.

    • HUB020 – Customer Edition
    • HUB030 – Partner Edition


                         b) Certification in the Cloud

    Exam code- CER006

    – All exams available up to a maximum number of 6 exam attempts via one single 12-month subscription
    – Exams available immediately at the workplace 24 x7 via remote proctoring

    Exams Available:
    – Success Factors
    – Cloud for Customers

    Note: You MUST fulfill the Certification pre-requisites to qualify for registration.

    Price for CER006 is 545 USD (2000 AED; 2050 SAR)

    UAE Link –

    KSA Link –

    Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,

    SAP Education MENA

    O2I (Order to Invoice) Education Billing, Global Finance Shared Services

    SAP Business Services Center Europe s.r.o., Avenir Business Park, Radlicka 714/113a, 15800 Prague 5, Czech Republic



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    • Hi Abhishek D,
      its not possible to do certification from SAP-MENA(UAE) as for fresher this guys are asking for residential visa and for experienced people minimum 1 implementation and  2 support projects.
      so there is no way a self trained guy from India can get certification done from other countries as i even spoke to SAP Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia but got the same response.
      If you get any details also update me.

      Asif Jamadar

      • Thanks for clarifying the SAP Education MENA’s stance, Asif. Another door has closed.

        Where you able to find another country that accepts self-learned certification aspirants?