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Configuring & Reducing Gaps in Number Range for IT Service Management

Number Ranges are the most critical master data in IT Service Management and we can configure them during initial setup of any IT Service Management process.


for e.g. if we are configuring Incident/Problem management or Change Request Management(i.e. ChaRM), we need to configure them in addition to other settings like BP creation etc.


The transaction for configuring them is SNRO. In this transaction, enter the object as CRM_SERVIC (i.e. for SMCR or Request for Change Transaction Type) and click on Number Ranges tab.



Now we have the option of checking existing number ranges interval for above object or creating a new one



Let us say we goto change interval mode by click the change interval tab above. The below screen displays the existing interval.



Now we would like to create a new one which we can assign to our Y*/Z* Transaction Types like ZMCR(Copy of SMCR) for example.


To do the same click on the +Interval tab and in the pop-up enter the required start and end number range like example shown



Click save button and below pop appears. Press enter.



Thus, we are ready with our own number range and would like to assign now to ZMIN etc. Navigate to highlighted path in SPRO transaction click on “Define Transaction Types” activity.



Now choose ZMCR (for e.g.) and assign the same to our custom change request or Request for Change Transaction type



Please Note: It is not recommend to modify/change to any standard SAP delivered transaction type, therefore copy to your custom namespace before configuring as per your requirements.


Now, whenever we post a new ZMCR or our custom transaction type it will be created with our own number range as shown below.



In addition, to above we can also observe before a Request for Change(RfC) is posted, the number. is already generated and consumed by the system which can give rise to many gaps and also unnecessary consumes the number range.


To save number range, again visit the same SPRO path and in the Transaction Numbering block remove the tick from Early Number Assignment.



Now number is only generated whenever the RfC is saved and till then it will be blank as shown below.


Also, please note that ID or Number field is not editable and therefore no one can edit it.



All the Best and keep smiling…. Cheers!!!

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Prakhar,

      Thank you for sharing the article which is very much helpful for my project as the customer require the exact requirement. They dont want to create the number immediately when opens the request of change. only when they save the request the nos should populate.

      Keep doing ...



      Chithra Natarajan

      Author's profile photo Prakhar Saxena
      Prakhar Saxena
      Blog Post Author

      Thanx Chithra..happy to help

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Prakhar,

      I created a new number range interval (Z2) for change requests and turned early number assignement off.

      Now I've got following problem: the current number isn't correct.

      For rfc 200000-200010 current number 200010 was displayed. Now 2000011 is reached and current number is 200020. It seems like there's an internal puffering about 10 numbers.

      The problem is if there's a downtime of the system the next rfc will take the current number.

      For example last rfc was 2000013 -> downtime -> next rfc 2000020.

      Maybe you can help me with this matter?

      Thanks a lot,



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Martin,

      I think your issue is with number range buffering (transaction SM56 to check).

      You can remove the buffering using SNRO, CRM_SERVIC, and then in the menu : No. Range Object: Change (Edit   Set-Up Buffering

      It's all explained here:



      Author's profile photo Michael Uchi
      Michael Uchi

      Hello  Prakhar Saxena

      Is this possible to customized the service ID as per the number range? From 7000000000 to IM7000000000?