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How to Explore Tables and Particular Fields through ‘SE15’

Business Requirement: I have seen in my business Scenario that many time we are unable to find the exact tables, fields, programs and structures, reason can be restrictions or time management issues and mostly beginners like me usually cannot able to find it out. so i have written a little document to find the related tables and fields in one run. How we can Search all related Tables with a particular Field name, related fields in particular table.

Solution: Solution is very simple but also creative, i am going to share some basic Information for finding all relevant tables name in which particular field exists. I hope this document will be helpful for the beginners usually to not waste their time in digging out fields & tables through some difficult practice.

How to search a field for which table it belongs?

Go to Transaction code SE15 and Select the Folder ABAP Dictionary, after then Select the Folder Fields and Double Click on Table Fields. You will see an open window on Right side, now give the Field Name of which you want to explore relevant table names and execute it. This will give you all the Tables where the field exists in it:

Run T-Code SE15:

1. I have searched All fields exits related with table “MARA” (General Material Data) i.e:

scn 11.png

I have selected Material Number & Executed it i.e:

scn 12.png

I want to see the related content to any material Number i.e

scn 13.png

give any material number and execute it you will find out the info regarding all fields in this table have for particular material:

scn 14.png

There are are some fields i have given below regarding this material:

scn 18.png

2. You Can search this by giving Table and Field name to check the particular contents regarding particular field:

scn 16.png

scn 17.png

scn 19.png

I hope that this will be helpful material for SD USERS to dig out the particular fields & tables easily. As beginners like me, usually need to go for tables and fields searching, so this is good way to search it out. I appreciate everyone’s reading for this document.

Best Regards,

Suhaib Bin Aziz

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  • Good effort Suhaib. SAP SD tables are already there on a lot of forums and threads but how to find some table with field name is something interesting. Please try to post something new and creative.


    • Thank you Mr. Moazzam for the comment. You’re right there are alot of threads regarding sd tables but as this was my very 1st document on SDN so i started with a simpler one which i’m sure will be helpful for beginners like me. Will keep posting more for sure.. 🙂

      • First impression is last impression 🙂 As I said this is good effort and move from your side. I will be looking forward for some more creative document or blog from you. Thank you for understanding.


  • Hai Very nice document , thanks a lot for sharing

    But one small doubt based on Field name .. how you got Table names

    Bz i have did in my ides but i am not able to fine table names for vkorg

    Dear ali zee

    how to find some table with field name is something interesting

    I am not able to find tables in this way . plz clear me

    • Venu

      Suhaib has explained in last two screen shots. Follow the path and give field name in Field and execute. System will show you all DB tables where this field can be stored.


  • Hello Aziz,

    I fully agree with Moazzam’s view.But indeed I do not want de-motivate you.Else I think your presentation quite nice and would be great if you add the functionalities of the SD tables like for example, how the data are getting saved in the table during which business transaction, when we can use such tables to fetch such data for some reporting or any other impacts of the tables.

    Last but not the least keep prepare your documents and post it and before that just search the same think is already posted or not in SCN.If possible you can take reviews from your colleagues.

    Best wishes,


  • Thankyou serinivas for sure will do many more 🙂

    dear Suman i really appriciate your compliments, started with simple document, will definitly move further with a quality content.

    thanks 🙂

  • Hi

    gd document ,

    but you find the simply way go to SE11 enter the field like VKORG Click on where used list here its come all like table program , structure, call function , wheat you want click on enter then system where this field used



  • Dear Bojja, Thankyou for your compliment but i cudnt find any field name tab in SE11, from se11 you can Find Field names from table but my document is about to find tables from field name. 🙂


    Suhaib Bin Aziz

  • Dear,

    Firstly we need to appreciate the interest of yours in sharing the things—

    may be After some days everybody may forget basics which is the most essential in searching tables/fields.

    Like you dear again for the interest in sharing…

    Hoping lot more things in the coming future….


    • Thank you so much Phanikumar 🙂 for your compliments, obliged! yes, offcourse these sort of documents are always helpful, as my self is concern i also forget few basic tips so i give a shape to them as a document. Thanks will definitely share a lot.


      Suhaib Bin Aziz