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Some Helpful SAP HANA Troubleshooting Resources

Hi SAP HANA Users,

I want to discuss how to improve productivity related to SAP HANA troubleshooting and issue resolution. As the SAP HANA product manager focused on error handling, I am working on next generation error handling improvements and tools for HANA.

To get things started with this broad topic, I would like to:

  1. Share some basic, but hopefully helpful, tips on finding error-related information and solutions
  2. Learn from you. I want to gather your troubleshooting tips and ideas
  3. Offer my help to provide answers to any blocking errors that you may experience

Helpful Tips

As we work on delivering improvements and new tools to assist HANA users, here are some ideas to help you find information and resolve issues.

1. Search relevant crowd-sourced communities and SAP Documentation

Instead of trying to search many SAP communities start with these two search sites.

    • -> This search site covers all SCN communities, SAP Notes and SAP Help files. You can use the filter on the left to limit your sources or document types.
    • -> Use the search box in upper right corner.

2. Log files

Depending on the type of error you receive and on your access privileges you may try checking the log files in HANA Studio. Just click on the SAP HANA Systems view and double click your server connection name. Then click on Diagnosis Files. More information on these files can be found in the “Getting Support” section (section 18 for SPS 06 documentation) of the SAP HANA Administration Guide.

3. Post a question

If you can’t find a resolution to your problem, please post a question, here, in the HANA Developer Center community.

4. Support Portal (licensed customers)

Licensed customers can search additional support information on the SAP Support Portal. Here, you can also report product errors and open customer service and support messages.

5. HANA Academy

For how-to questions, check out the SAP HANA Academy videos.

6. SAP Help Docs

Here is a quick link to the SAP HANA Help documents for SPS 06. To always access the latest docs go to the SAP Help Portal at and click “SAP HANA Appliance”.

7. Additional Resources

    • SQL Tracing is helpful to understand what is happening behind the scenes when you execute procedures or views.
    • For a guide to native HANA development using Extended Application Services (XS) that includes a section on how to debug server-side JavaScript (exercise 10) please see this excellent tutorial.

Share your knowledge

What are your tips and suggestions to help solve HANA issues? Please reply to this post with your ideas.

Contact me

If you have already posted a message to the HANA community concerning an error you are receiving, and have not yet resolved the issue, please send me an email that contains a link to your post. I will keep track of error handling issues and try to help you resolve your HANA related errors. If you will be at TechEd in Las Vegas please sign up to attend a lab preview and feedback session on troubleshooting.

Thanks and best regards,


Mark Hourani | SAP HANA Product Management | SAP Labs

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  • Hi Can any one Help on the issue below on how to start the nameserver.


    name, description, dispstatus, textstatus, starttime, elapsedtime, pid

    hdbdaemon, HDB Daemon, YELLOW, Initializing, 2013 11 05 18:09:49, 0:01:13, 6804

    hdbnameserver, HDB Nameserver, RED, Stopped, , , -1

    hdbpreprocessor, HDB Preprocessor, YELLOW, Scheduled, , , -1

    hdbindexserver, HDB Indexserver, YELLOW, Scheduled, , , -1

    hdbstatisticsserver, HDB Statisticsserver, YELLOW, Scheduled, , , -1

    hdbxsengine, HDB XSEngine, YELLOW, Scheduled, , , -1

    sapwebdisp_hdb, SAP WebDispatcher, YELLOW, Scheduled, , , -1




    • Hi Dayal,

      From HANA Studio, double click on the SYSTEM Name from the Systems tab. Click on Landscape tab and right click on the nameserver -> click start.

      If it does not start look for errors in the trace file. Go to Diagnosis Files tab and open the nameserver trace file.



        • Hi Dayal,

          If you are getting the error that you do not have the required privilege, then you need your administrator to grant you the DATA ADMIN system privilege or a role that contains that privilege.



          • Hi Mark ,

              Thank you.  to save trouble , I cleaned(since this is a demo server) up HANA system and i did a fresh Setup of HANADB + SAP Business One 9 . Everything is fine except the B1_SHF folder is not accessable from a windows System , I checked the SAMBA config and i can see is is enabled. I am not sure what is is wrong. I have full access to the System(i am the Admin). Please let me know what is missing.

            Thank you very much