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SAP Fiori (UI5) meets LeapMotion

I quess most of you have heard about LeapMotion (website). It’s a small device that you can connect to you Mac or PC and allows you to use gesture control.

Standard it provides the option to replace the mouse by gestures with you hands. My experience up till now is that gesture control is to “rough” and no real replacement of the traditional mouse of touch. User interface needs to be adjusted to fit gesture control. A whole bunch of these new apps are provided via the LeapMotion Airspace store.

Still i was curious how it would perform on the standard SAP UI technology. The SAP UI5 controls and patterns that are used by e.g. SAP Fiori seems to more suitable since they are bigger in size to better be controlled via touch based devices.

So i hooked on a leapmotion device and did some basic testing. The video below shows the results.

Works pretty well without any adjustments. Data entry is not really possible since you miss the screen keyboard like you get on a tablet. But for use cases where you just have to check status of business objects or transaction i find i quite useful. I do like the fact that response with a glove is the same like with your bare hands. This could add value in scenario’s for e.g. maintenance engineers, surgeons.

Still, like in the apps in the Airspace store, you need to build custom specific UI’s to get the best UI experience.

Do you see added value and if so in what kind of use cases?



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