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Dear BI Community,


I’m really pleased to announce that BI 4 has arrived on the openSAP platform!

Whether you’re an experienced Administrator preparing your project for a new implementation, or simply interested in BI best-practices – this course will help you prepare for a successful deployment.

“BI 4 Platform Innovation and Implementation” is the latest openSAP course starting November 11th.

During this course, participants will have the opportunity to practice hands-on exercises in their own Amazon cloud-based BI4.1 SP01 system.

This course will focus on the skills required to successfully install, configure, upgrade, and optimize the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

James Rapp and I cover the following topics during the training:

  • Week 1: Introduction, Architecture & Sizing
  • Week 2: Installation, Upgrade & Promotion
  • Week 3: Troubleshooting & Authentication
  • Week 4: Performance Optimization
  • Week 5: Final Exam

openSAP is based on the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) format which consists of weekly video lectures, weekly assignments, discussion forums and a final exam.

Why not sign-up for the latest openSAP course “BI 4 Platform Innovation and Implementation” today, and put your knowledge to work instantly! 

Here’s the registraton link

I’m looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂



p.s.  *a little background information*   

The first openSAP course concentrated on SAP HANA development. We saw almost 10 000 participants successfully complete the course and receiving a graded record of achievement!

Feedback from participants has proven that the openSAP format works by enabling rapid up-skilling, cross-collaboration between students, and learning real ‘under the hood’ topics.


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  1. Shkelzen Hasanaj

    Looking forward to this course. 🙂

    Sir, you say:

    During this course, participants will have the opportunity to practice hands-on exercises in their own Amazon cloud-based BI4.1 SP01 system.

    Could you please explain if there is any prerequisite regarding the needed system to practice.



    1. Former Member

      Hi Shkelzen,

      A cloud system pre-configured for the exercises will be available to rent for the duration of the course.  The intent is for the system to be extremely affordable to use.  Additionally, the exercises are optional, so for those that decide not to rent a system you can still successfully complete the course.

        1. Former Member

          Hello Jahawar,

          We are finalizing the pricing model now and should have those details in the next week or so.  Again, please don’t let it dissuade you from enrolling in the course, as the exercises are optional.

            1. Henry Banks
              Post author

              for the most part Yes (where new features aren’t being leveraged).

              however, you may not have the structures (universes etc) that are being used in the exercises. 

              There’s nothing stopping you from simply ‘having a go’ on an equivalent system and just trying to follow the essential concepts.

  2. Mark Richardson

    Excellent new initiative for SAP Education…!

    I am signed-up and have shared the link to my ASUG Colleagues and Clients via Social Media, etc.

    Looking forward to it.

    1. Henry Banks
      Post author

      Hi, whilst it does discuss some ‘new features’ and mentions functionalities of some of applications, (as the course name indicates) this enablement is infact a ‘deployment best practice’ – so basis effectively!

  3. Harshil Joshi

    Hello Henry,

    I just want to know that, those who have successfully completed this course have received Record of Achievement(RoA). May I ask (with respect) what is the value of this RoA in industry ? Can we compare it with SAP Certification or not ? It is worth to get SAP Certification or open SAP Certification? Those who got this certificate can tell that they are SAP Certified ? or use to word openSAP certified ?


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