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SAP Sourcing is currently developing version 10.0 of its product and as of today, the versions 7.0 and 9.0 are available for download and maintenance on the service marketplace. In many forum entries, our support team is handling similar requests and they often sound like:”Where can I find …. ?” In the light of these queries, the team thought it might be a good idea to guide the users around in the big SAP Service Marketplace.

How can I log on to SAP Service Marketplace?

Every SAP customer or partner is issued a S-User, in order to login to the SAP Service Marketplace, you have to hit the URL:
In order to login to the SAP Support Portal, you will need your login credentials i.e.:

  • S-User
  • Password

In case you are puzzled about how to get your S-User, do not worry because you are not alone. There is a forum post about it which can be found here.


Where to go for software downloads on SAP Service Marketplace?

Typically there are three use cases for accessing the SMP for downloads for each, there are different shortcuts, you can choose to make your life easier. Generally the easiest way to access software downloads on the SAP Service Marketplace is the following URL:

1) Download SAP Sourcing

In order for you to download any available version of SAP Sourcing, you should follow the following path. First go to Software Downloads (in case that is not already your landing page). Afterwards perform the following path:
  • Installations and Upgrades –> A-Z Index –> S
  • Search for SAP Sourcing / CLM by hitting Ctrl+F and type SAP Sourcing / CLM

Right now you can choose between the currently supported version of SAP Sourcing/CLM (7.0 and 9.0). The upcoming 10.0 release will be posted on this page upon its release date. On this page, you can choose between the installation of SAP Sourcing as well its underlying Java WebApplication Server SAP NetWeaver 7.3 (check for a good link here). On the Installation link, SAP Sourcing will offer you the different versions which are available for download. You should ensure that the correct version for your appropriate Operating System is downloaded. You can check the supported DB/OS combinations on the product availability matrix (PAM) by going to and searching for SAP Sourcing


2) Apply the latest support package (SP)

Now let’s get back to start ( and instead of Installations and Upgrades, click on Support Packages and Patches. Follow the same procedure to get to the SAP Sourcing/CLM support packages and patches i.e.:
  • Support Packages and Patches –> A-Z Index –> S
  • Search for SAP Sourcing / CLM by hitting Ctrl+F and type SAP Sourcing / CLM


Both for SAP Sourcing 7.0 as well 9.0, the support packages are divided into different Software Component Versions:
  • SOURCING ENT. CONTR. GEN 9.0: This will be the component for fixes on the contract generation side and it is OS independent (i.e. can be applied on every operating system)
  • SOURCING SRM JSERVER OP 9.0: This will be the component containing the main fixes on SAP Sourcing/CLM product, make sure that  you download the appropriate file for your operating system
  • XI CONTENT SRMJSRV 9.0 This component is used for the mappings on the SAP Sourcing side when integrating to SAP ERP.
  • XI CONTENT ESO SRM INT 9.0: This component is used for the mappings on the SAP Sourcing side when integrating to SAP SRM.
Additionally, you have also access to the support packages of the underlying NetWeaver version.

3) Download support packages for versions out of maintenance

In case you are on a release which is no longer in maintenance (i.e. E-Sourcing 5.0 / 5.1), there is still a way to access the available support packages for these versions. In the Support Packages and Patches section, you can click on Archive for Support Packages and Patches and follow the same procedure as described above:

  • Archive for Support Packages and Patches –> A-Z Index –> S
  • Search for SAP Sourcing / CLM by hitting Ctrl+F and type SAP Sourcing / CLM

In this section, you will find the available support packages for the versions 5.0 and 5.1


How to find the product documentation for SAP Sourcing/CLM?

The Service Marketplace is a big place and there is always the risk to get lost in big places. I was happy when I discovered that there is a shortcut for everything, also on the service marketplace. Particularly when looking for product documentation, there is one useful to access the documents in one-click:


In this section you can find the different documents for SAP Sourcing (NOTE: Make sure to click on SAP Sourcing On-Premise). You will be able to click through the different available versions. In the respective you can find*:
  • Master Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Configuration Guide
  • Upgrade Guide
  • Scripting and Workflow Guide
NOTE: The availability of different guides can vary from version to version. Also be aware that sometimes not all guides are displayed right away. In that case, you can click “Display all documents” as shown below in the screenshot.
Hopefully you will find this blog helpful to navigate your way around the SAP Service Marketplace.
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