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Tracing Serialization / Deserialization Issues in SAP Web Services

I thought this might be worth documenting to maybe save someone’s time getting a resolution to web service Serialization / Deserialization issues.  Recently I was asked to consume a 3rd party WSDL. This meant I had to create a consumer proxy in SAP for the abap to use at runtime.  Everything went well with the proxy generation (at least no errors were reported).  However, once I tried to consume the proxy, an exception was thrown when executing the call to the web service method. 

The exception is seen below:

“SOAP:1,027 SRT: Serialization / Deserialization Failed”


After digging a little deeper (SRT_UTIL) and checking the logs in the “Web Service Utilities: Error Log”, I found the following information:


This led me to take a look at the WSDL and found that the date format of these fields looks as follows:



Obviously SAP was having an issue with the date format.  I then went to the Proxy Service and took at look at the external view:


Inspecting the “SubmissionTime” and “CompletionTime” Technical Type, I noticed that they has been set to the following:   XSDDATETIME_Z


From the dictionary, you can see the type corresponds to:


Since the data being returned from the web service does not conform to a decimal format, a change was needed.  We needed something that could handle this format:



There is another format which is more appropriate:  XSDDATETIME_ISO


So for each of the external view fields in the proxy defined as XSDDATETIME_Z, I switched them to:


After the change, everything worked like a charm..

Bottom line; don’t expect the proxy generator to get everything correct.  It’s pretty good, but it’s not perfect.

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  • Great Blog! Thanks for writing this. I am having the exact same issue. When you say go to the proxy service and look at the external view, what transaction is this. Are you doing this is PI? You response will be super helpful!

  • Hi. I have the next error: System expected a value for the type g

    How can i solve it? i tried the solution of this post, but nothing change.

  • thankyou so much Philip Johnston    for your solution..  really appreciate your effort to share the solution .

    however we have an issue which we are not sure how to go ahead,  we have consumed an opentext webservice , but the structure of the metadata does not have the values field due to which we are unable to get the data.. is there a way to add an extra field to the system created proxy structure

  • Excellent BlogPost, even helped me now in 2017 …

    I feel this could have made it to a “How To …” SAP-KBA, would be way easier to get this type of useful information to a broader community instead of just ‘stumbling upon to it’.

    Thanks anyway

    Nic T.

  • Hi, I am looking to read HTTP header data (Cookie information which is sent by external system) and store and send in subsequent request in a consumer WS integration.


    Is this possible? how can I achieve it?

  • HI Philip Johnston ,


    I am getting the same error where i get the error as

    Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Serialization / Deserialization failed                       Element ‘sys_id’ missing           

    where SYS_ID field is maintained as string . and i am not able to change the type . can you please explain in detail, I am new to this thing  .

    Thanks in advance,