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SmartForm Translation – Reducing the Burden

Not long ago I had to create a smartform that will be printed in English and Japanese.

I must admit that my Japanese is not so good…..

Then it hits that me !! we do have in the dictionary some languages Japanese included .

Can we use the dictionary also in our print out ?

If we can transfer the Data element texts translation to the form we can.

To the code:

The input is based on tables scarr,spfli .

Class Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_05_CL will hold the data types that will be transferred to the smartform.

Types tp_meta_x and tp_meta_1 are the carriers of the of the Data element translation . 

    TYPES: BEGIN OF tp_meta_x .
    TYPES: ddtext      TYPE dd04t-ddtext  ,
           reptext     TYPE dd04t-reptext ,
           scrtext_s   TYPE dd04t-scrtext_s ,
           scrtext_m   TYPE dd04t-scrtext_m ,
           scrtext_l   TYPE dd04t-scrtext_l .
    TYPES: END OF tp_meta_x .

    TYPES  BEGIN OF tp_meta_1 .
    TYPES  s_carr_id   TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_carrname  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_currcode  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_from_cit  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_fromairp  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_to_city   TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_toairp    TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_airpname  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_dep_time  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_arr_time  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_distance  TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  s_distid    TYPE tp_meta_x .
    TYPES  END OF tp_meta_1 .

Program Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_05 .

The thing to note in this program is FORM get_meta_1 here we populate  st_meta_1 which is type y_r_eitan_test_31_05_cl=>tp_meta_1 .
For each entry we call function ‘DDIF_DTEL_GET’ and fill its tp_meta_x  .

Here is what we have at the end of form get_meta_1:


SmartForm Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_05 .


As expected we have st_meta_1 as import parameter.

The only thing that remain to do is to drag the fields as usual (better then typing ) .

This also apply to the headings of tables.

Exceptions: When we canot use the SAP standard translations the structure can be filled from different text repository (e.g. text symbol, ztables  ).


Running the program



The output in different language:




This one is in right to left language (Hebrew) the SAP translation is not complete but we can see that RL applied .


That’s all folks and happy translations.

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  • Hi Eitan

    Thanks for sharing with the community. I would say very nice innovative idea One observation though imagine that you have a table  in MAIN window with 10 columns so the column header length may be an issue. Because it may happen that in English a word has 10 characters where as in German/Japanese it has 20 character so spacing can lead to formatting issue.