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SAP In Store MIM Mobile – Functionalities with screen shots

SAP In Store MIM Mobile

SAP In Store MIM is to support comprehensive business functions for daily store business in the areas of sales, service, and operations. It is having separate applications provided for both Desktop and Mobile Users.


SAP In Store MIM Mobile is designed for retail inventory management on mobile devices at store level. With the following options, this application saves time and increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Goods Receipt
  2. Goods Movement
  3. Physical Inventory
  4. Inventory Lookup


This document will explain each of these functionalities of SAP In Store MIM with examples.

Goods Receipt:

SAP in Store MIM provides as options to create Goods Receipt with a reference document and even without a reference document.

pic 1.png

Goods Receipt – Without Reference

Initial Screen is having options to create the header details of the Good Receipt – Delivery Note, Indication to GR / GI, Posting Date, Document Date, Vendor/ Plant and Storage Location. ENT OK button will be the ENTER option to continue the process and the F5 More Buttons is for displaying the remaining buttons, and F8 Val Help is for displaying the Search Help attached to the field. F12 Exit is for Exiting for the current process. For getting the Search Help, place the cursor in the needed field and select F8, if a search is there for the field, particular search help will get displayed. Below is the search help attached to the Storage Location field in the initial screen.


For selecting a particular value from the search help, we need to enter the respective index no of the value and select ENT OK.


On selecting ENT OK, a screen for scanning article to be included in theGoods Receipt will get displayed.

On successful scanning article no or EAN UPC number will get displayed in the first field. ENK OK will take us to the next screen where we can enter quantity
of the scanned article.

Selecting ENK OK will add the scanned item in the item list along with the quantity entered. And the scanning screen will get displayed again for scanning the next article. Once the scanning is over and all the articles are being added in the item list, F2 Item Overview the item list will get displayed.

This item overview screen itself provide an option to change the scanned quantity, Using the F3 SCAN button, we can add another articles, Using F2 HEAD we can view the header details. F1 SAVE will post the Goods Receipt and the document number will get displayed along with the success message.

pic 2.pngpic 3.png pic 4.pngpic 5.pngpic 6.pngpic 7.pngpic 8.pngpic 9.pngpic 10.pngpic 11.png

Goods Receipt – With Reference

This option provides to receive articles with reference to the following document: Purchase Document Number, Delivery Document and Stock Transfer Document.


The initial screen provides the option to search for the document no, against which we have to perform the goods receipt. Either we can directly search with the document no in the RefDocNo field, or with the following values: Vendor/ Plant, Material (article). Under the document setting option we can give the header details to the GR document.   

From the list of reference documents, we can select one and process GR for the same.


The details of the selected purchase order can be viewed with the button F3 Detail button.


Detail screen will displays the ordered quantity in the purchase order against each item. On selecting ENT OK from the details screen, option to enter quantity against each item will get displayed.

From the details it is found the quantity ordered is 10 for this item in the purchase order.  

After entering the quantity we can SAVE the process, which in turn create an GR against the selected purchase order.

pic 1.png/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/pic2_299322.pngpic 3.pngpic 4.png/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/pic5_299325.png/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/pic6_299326.pngpic 7.pngpic 8.pngpic 9.png

Good Movement:

In store MIM Mobile Goods Movement deals with the following options: Stock Transfer, Breakage / Spoilage, Stock Transfers (StLoc to StLoc), Goods Receipt and Theft.
  pic 1.png

Stock Transfer

Goods Movement – Stock Transfer includes the transfer of goods from one Site to another site. In the header we can give the Receiving Site, Receiving Storage Location, Header text, Document Date and Posting Date. As we discussed earlier, search help is provided for Storage Location field.


After entering the Goods Movement – Stock Transfer header details and on selecting the ENT OK button, article scan screen will get displayed.


Article Scan is the same screen for all In Store MIM Mobile, which the following options – ENT OK will enter the quantity for the scanned  article, F2
Item Overview will display the scanned items as a list. 

On entering the quantity of the scanned article, we have to enter the supplying storage location field, storage location from which we need to take the quantity in the supplying site. Once this is done again the article scan screen will get displayed. Once the scanning of article and the quantity update is over, from the item over screen, we can select the F1 Save to post this Goods Movement from one site to another. 

On checking the stock we can see that the stock in Site 1000 Storage Location 0001 will get reduced by 2 and the stock in Site 1200 Storage Location 0001 will get incremented by 2.


Breakage/ Spoilage

Goods Movement – Breakage / Spoilage involves merchandise that was spoiled or broken at some point in the logistics chain.


In the initial screen, scan the article number which is broken or spoiled. On selecting the ENT OK button, we can mention the quantity which we are returning back. 

Search Help is provided to both Reason field and Storage Location. For getting the search help, horizontal scroll button need to get selected. F8 Val Hlp button is the button for providing the search help for the field where the cursor is placed.


Once the scanning and entering of quantity against the scanned items is done, we can select the F1 SAVE to post the Goods Movement – Breakage / Spoilage, from the Item overview screen.

Stock Transfers (StLoc)

Goods Movement – Stock Transfers (StLoc) includes the goods movement between two storage locations within the logged site.


In the initial screen the receiving storage location along with header text. On selecting the ENT OK button article scan screen to scan each article will get displayed. Selecting ENT OK from the article scan screen, we can update the quantity against each article. We need to enter the supplying storage location in the quantity updating screen.

From the Item overview screen, we can post the Goods Movement.


Goods Receipt

Goods Movement – Goods Receipt includes the physical movement of articles into the warehouse.


Initial screen for this Goods Receipt under this goods Movement is the article scan screen, on selecting  ENK OK a screen to enter the quantity for the
scanned article will get displayed. Once the scanning of article and the quantity update is over, Item Overview screen will display the items scanned
with the scanned quantities.  

From the Item Overview Screen, Goods Movement Goods Receipt can be posted with the F1 Save buttons and the respective sock will get updated.



Goods Movement – Theft allows the stock shrinkage due to the cause Theft. 

The initial screen includes the article scan screen and on selecting the ENT OK, quantity can be updated to the scanned article. On entering the quantity against the scanned article we have to mention the reason for and the storage location. As we discussed earlier search help is provided for both Reason field and Storage Location field.  Once the scanning is done, in the Item overview screen, all the items can be viewed. And with the F1 Save option, we can adjust the stock with the shrinkage cause by Theft.


Physical Inventory

In store MIM Physical Inventory is for the physical counting of article at the store level. This business process is designed for Planned and Unplanned Counting of article.



In this, the physical inventory document created in ECC using the transaction code MI01 is used. The article maintained against each physical inventory document will get counted in the store and update back to SAP.


Physical Inventory document number created is 100000210. Now this will get synchronized with the MIM Mobile. With the index of the item added to the physical inventory document, we can add the counts to the item by selecting the ENK OK button. We are doing the counting against the created physical inventory document from the mobile MIM. In ECC the same is handled with the transaction code MI04.


Once the count is updated in ECC, we can update the stock with the same using the transaction code MI07.



This includes the physical counting of articles at store without reference to any physical inventory document in ECC. In the header we will be providing the Storage Location and the Stock Type. For both of these fields, search helps are also provided. Once the scanning is done, the same can be posted from the item overview screen with the F1 Save button.


Inventory Lookup

In store MIM Mobile Inventory Lookup will provide the current and accurate stock information of different places. This consolidates the sales transaction from the POS Data Management with the stock information from ERP to provide accurate and real-time stock information. This includes information like Blocked, Open Purchase Orders, In Qual Insp, Required Qty, Stock in Transit and Unrestricted Stock.

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