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Ready, Set, Learn, and Blog – SAP TechEd 2013: Share the Knowledge Challenge is On!

I’ve been working on SAP TechEd since 2004, and what I love about this event is that it’s not about selling and marketing software, it’s about education. I love our attendees, because they are as excited as I am about learning. It is our moment to come together and geek out about SAP technology. However, I know I can learn a lot more from the 20,000 minds attending the SAP TechEd events in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangalore than I can through my own wandering around and attending 20 hours of sessions or so during the event. Since cloning technology has not been tried yet on humans, I want you to be my eyes and ears at the event, whether you are participating in person or virtually!

Today we launch a new mission on the SAP Community Network, SAP TechEd 2013: Share the Knowledge, to challenge you to bring what you learn from these events back to the community.  Share the tips and tricks, key code samples, latest methodology, and useful information you learned from attending SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore, or watch SAP TechEd Online. We want to know what you are going to take back to job and put to use, and how what you learned is going to change what you are currently do.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to go to these events in person, so be the eyes and ears of the community! Come back and share what you learned!

SAP TechEd 2013: Share the Knowledge consists of three missions and opportunities to receive points and badges.  To enter the missions, please visit the SAP TechEd 2013: Share the Knowledge Challenge Instructions Document. The rules and guidelines on how to participate in this mission are covered in that document, as well as the instructions on how to enter your blog into the competition. But to get you excited here are the missions that will be covered by SAP TechEd 2013: Share the Knowledge.  On Saturday, October 19, we’ll start accepting your blogs for the competition!

Mission #1: Share the Knowledge Qualification – write a blog in the space most related to the topic you plan to cover. If your blog is focused on what you learned about SAP HANA, post in the SAP HANA and In-Memory Business Data Management space; if it’s about Cloud, post it in the SAP Cloud Computing.

In your blog, share what you learned in detail, so that someone who reads the blog learns from you. Explain why the information was useful for you and how you plan to implement it.  Lectures, hands-on workshops, networking sessions, and product road maps are all good places to start your learning. However, InnoJam, DemoJam, the show floor, and conversations over beer at the networking reception are also great opportunities to learn as well. So share what you learned and where you learned it.


To qualify for the mission, my colleague Chrissy and I will review the blog for quality and to ensure that knowledge about SAP Technology was shared with the community. Keep the community in mind as you write your blog and provide what you think will be useful information. Just a list of what sessions you attended isn’t useful and complaining if something doesn’t go right, won’t help the SCN community. (We want to hear those things, don’t get me wrong, but this contest isn’t the right forum for that. Use the conference survey to share feedback to the SAP TechEd team).  This mission will run from October 19 – December 31, 2013. We want to ensure that attendees from Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangalore will all have an opportunity to participate.

Mission #2: Share the Knowledge Finalist – the best 25 blogs that qualified for the first mission will be selected for subsequent review by a panel of the SAP TechEd track owners, the SAP TechEd event team, and SCN Content team.  We will pick the top 25 blogs in early January and announce the finalists by January 21.

Mission #3: Share the Knowledge Winner – the review committee will go through the top 25 blogs and select the winners.  We will have one winner for Las Vegas, one for Amsterdam, one for Bangalore, and one for SAP TechEd Online. These will be the best blogs from the missions and we’ll feature them on SCN to ensure that community has the opportunity to learn.  The winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 28.

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