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On the heels of a successful ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (SBOUC) several of us got on Google Hangouts to discuss the future of the event, it’s potential co-location with SAP TechEd, and briefly celebrate a St. Louis Cardinals victory. Full recording, audio version, iTunes link, and voting poll available here. Thanks to Eric Vallo, Greg Myers, Dallas Marks, and Derek Loranca (Smokey) for joining me.

  • 01:00 Around the room with who is drinking what. Turns out I like boxed wine.
  • 02:30 Community News.
  • 04:10 Eric drops the question.
  • 04:35 Smokey likes the idea of together, but still separate.
  • 06:10 Jamie provides a brief history lesson.
  • 07:30 Greg thinks SAP just wants to tap into our SBOUC magic. And he’s in favor of it.
  • 08:20 Our first the Borg reference.
  • 08:40 Eric loves TechEd, but it isn’t currently “grand in a BusinessObjects-y way.”
  • 09:10 Dallas SBOUC feels like it gets smaller every year. REO Speedwagon takes a veiled shot across the bow.
  • 10:00 In the current setup, Dallas won’t get to SAP TechEd, pretty much ever.
  • 10:30 It’s the content that matters, and SAP TechEd doesn’t provide as much BOBJ content as SBOUC.
  • 15:40 Greg thinks that TechEd is the place to go for Hands On and touching base with Product Managers.
  • 17:30 ASUG Annual Conference gets a shout as a successful co-location
  • 18:30 Jamie avoids Eric’s question regarding end users being able to succeed at TechEd.
  • 20:20 Derek thinks they’ll fit right in, but think the really non-techies should be pushed towards ASUG Annual Conference.
  • 21:30 Jamie thinks Business Intelligence attendees are unique in that they straddle the business/IT divide more than most users.
  • 22:40 What from SBOUC needs to stick around and not get sucked up into the SAP TechEd machine?
  • 24:10 My family celebrates Chris Pohl‘s sadness.
  • 25:10 Greg thinks Dev Wars is cool, but not the same thing as DemoJam.
  • 26:20 How do we co-locate and keep our own identity?
  • 27:00 Impromptu make-out session.
  • 27:40 Creative solutions to your conference problems.
  • 32:45 Dallas asks about the vendor showcase area of these conferences and what co-location would mean.
  • 36:30 Keynotes matter, and external speakers are a great value-add.
  • 38:00 Co-location doesn’t have to be forever.
  • 39:45 What about the cost?
  • 42:30 The wheels come off of the whole video concept.

Check the video, and don’t forget to go vote here.

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