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Cricket World Cup’s Final Match Analysis

Here I go again, Analyzing Final matches in ICC Cricket World Cups.

Cricket is my favorite game can’t ignore its analysis at-least here. However we do a lot of work related to revenue, days of work etc in our professional work. Having real good time knowing unknown facts and analyzing the same with Lumira.

More number of matches were played at Lords-London and west indies have won first 2 ICC WC’s. 1.Runs at Venues.PNG

Austraila is the country played in most number of finals in WC’s. Also have won 4 WC’s.

2.runs in years.PNGextra.PNG


Man of the Match performance on final WC match

5.Manof the match 1.PNG6.Man of the match 2.PNG

Man of series Performace of series.PNG

Note : Wikipedia is source for all the Figures/data used for above visuals.

Hope You liked it.

Thank You. 🙂

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  • Arun,

    This is an amazing post. I was looking for a great application of the heat map visualization, and this is perfect!!

    Would you be able to post a direct link to the Wikipedia article that you used for the data, please?

    If you don’t mind I had a few questions:

    How did you find the process of working with Lumira?

    How long did this entire process take you?

    And always, we look forward to more strong posts from you Arun.

    Keep up with us on Twitter (@SAPLumiraExpert)


    • Hi Irshaad,

      Thanks for the valuable replies 🙂

      Data gathering took me more than a week , besides my normal work at office.

      I can share u the data, in excel format. due to some reasons with my personal desktop i can’t save the dataset in luminar.

      Working with Lumira is more flexible than working on Xcelcius. There one have to be good at mapping dataset rows and columns with excel cells.

      Xcelcius has its own advantages, the visuals exported into adope/word will have swf effect. When a mouse hovered shows data. In Lumira i think one can share through jpeg in mails or in SAP Lumira Cloud.

      After data gathering was done, it took me around 50- 60 mins to complete the visuals on World cup Final analysis.



      • Arun,

        The excel data would be an excellent addition to our data list!

        It’s good to hear that you found SAP Lumira a strong solution to use in visualizing your data!

        If there was one tip that you would like to share with others who are also trying to come up with visualizations as strong as yours, what would you recommend to them?


  • Excellent analysis, good visualization of data,  and a lot of time for gathering and arranging the data. Thanks for sharing Arun…

    Kind regards,