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Business Objects 3.1- Universe List Of Values’s(LOV’s)


This document explains points to be taken care by the universe designers while associating list of values for

attributes in the universes. This demonstrates how it impacts the space consumption in the server and how/what

can be done to minimize this impact. This does not, though, explains all the delete rules for old report instances, or

other space cleanup activities etc for a Business Objects installation. This document assumes that the audience is aware of

generating a simple Web intelligence report and familiar with SAP Business Objects universe concept/universe designer.


In a Business Objects universe, all the objects in a class are associated with a list of values, by default. When these objects are

used in the Query filter pane in web intelligence report, it has a list of values associated with it. When we refresh

the list of values for any object it creates a temporary folder in the storage directory of the Business Objects installation

directory. One temporary folder is created for each universe and inside that one List Of Values file is created for every object

(once refreshed for list of values in any report). This keeps on increasing in size as users run the reports over time

and might give space problems in the server. Demonstration explains how to minimize this impact by removing

the association of list of values wherever not required by the end users.


Create a blank report and add one query filter (I have used my practice universe to demonstrate)


Set Prompt with list of values as shown below:


Add Resource Name (we may add any object, this is just to be able to refresh the report) in the result objects


Click Run Query


. Now go to the Business Objects installation box and navigate to <<Business Objects installation directory>>/Business Objects


We see one temporary folder and one temporary .UNV file created for one universe which holds the LOVs

temporarily for every instance of all reports running against one universe.


Total Size of the folder is:

Size: 897 KB

Size of disk: 904 KB

Now I added one more object in Query objects say OBS Path and set it to prompt it with list of values. Click “Run


Now total size of the folder is:

Size: 1.04 MB

Size on disk: 1.05 MB

Notice that if refreshing only two fields with list of values in one instance of any report generates 1.05 MB of data,

then it would grow in GBs very quickly if all the users are using their reports on frequent basis.


Delete these folders from the server time to time.

Do not associate list of values for all the objects at the universe level where it does not make sense.

By default, list of values are associated to all the objects. So, we should remove association of LOVs for all objects

where this does not make sense for end users.

Follow the given steps to remove association:

1. As in my case, Resource Key contains internal ID of the resource which does not make sense to end user.

2. Go to the respective universe in the universe designer.

3. Right click on the Resource Key object.

4. Object properties.

5. In Properties sub tab, uncheck “Associate a List of Values”


6. Click on Apply and OK.

                               Thank You

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