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Accessing sites built with SAP Netweaver Portal and PSM on Mobile

For making your sites easily accessible on mobile and attractive to mobile users, the Mobile Portal offers you a role based aggregation layer to integrate both your web and native applications with unstructured content from various sources. There are already lots of blogs out there on SCN describing SAP Mobile Portal capabilities and how to best use them. I recommend reading

For this blog, I built a very small example including a PSM Page. My portal was already configured for mobile (HTML5 support, filtering enabled, device groups configured), so I just did the following steps:

  1. In the Master Rule collection, I checked which Smartphone Desktop was assigned to Device Group Smartphone – it was the Default Smartphone Portal Desktop.
  2. Then I checked in this Portal Desktop which filterID was assigned. Result: the default
  3. Next I created a copy of the Every User Mobile Role which comes with the standard delivery and made sure that the Filter IDs assigned to the Launcher and other pages contained
  4. Now, the next step is adding some PSM pages to this role. This is really easy, as it is done using the Navigation Manager (before SP3: Navigation Assistant).  You just need to select a folder in a portal role on the left side and a node in the PSM project structure on the right side and click Add.
    As an example, I built a simple structure with PSM and published it:
  5. There are two possible locations where PSM pages can be added to a portal role:

    a. In the launcher: In Navigation Manager, you simply select the launcher folder in the mobile role on the right side and the top page of the PSM page structure on the left side and click Add Link. In the pop-up window, the Mobile checkbox needs to be checked, which in most cases is already done by the system. All other settings can just be used as they are, if you do not want to restrict the depth of the page sturcture. Mobile links always need to be static.

    The PSM pages are added as folder structure below the launcher. They inherit the filter ID from the launcher and mobile users can easily navigate through them to find the relevant content.

    b. In Portal Explorer:  The Portal Explorer gives users access to all items in their mobile roles that are entry points but not assigned to a mobile perspective like launcher or home page.  Therefore, you just need to add the PSM pages to any folder except launcher, e.g. to the role itself, using Navigation Manager; then it will be accessible from the Portal Explorer in the Toolbox.

    To define the types of devices on which the pages should be visible, you have to enter a filterID, when creating the link.

        6-Add PEx.png 

Now I am done. That is how the page structure looks like in the Portal role:

6-Role Ende.png

And in the smartphone:

Launcher_s.jpg   PortEx_s.jpg  

You can now click to open the Travel Information page or navigate to the sub-pages.

By the way, for sharing documents on mobile, SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText offers mobile UIs both for tablets and smartphones. These are the PCM smartphone UIs:

MobileBrowse.jpg   MobilePulse.jpg

Hope that blog was helpful. If you are interested in reading more about creating sites with SAP NetWeaver Portal, check out the other blogs in my blog series.



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