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8 Easy Steps to Develop an XS application on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

ObsoleteThe SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial landscape now provides MDC-based tenants which can be used as productive SAP HANA instances. For further information on Trial HANA MDC development, see SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) scenarios now on trial landscape and SAP HANA: Development. If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial, see How to use MDC tenant databases in several easy steps.

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  • Hi thankyou for this great tutorial

    actually i have past all steps my problem is that i cant get  my application into cockpit it seems  i have problem with  this files




    thank you

    • Hi Ramzi,

      Make sure you have refreshed your cockpit browser window by pressing F5. Otherwise the XS application is not shown there. Some kind of a caching bug I guess.



  • Hi Stoyan Manchev,

    Thanks for such a descriptive blog, i am stuck at step 3 creating xs project, I am using eclipse luna and not able to see the XS Project in my list below is the application list available to me -

    Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.33.36 pm.png

    can you please help what might be wrong here. Do I have to use kepler or Luna should do?

    Did i miss to install any SDK, however i checked and installed all the package available in the sdk.

    Many Thanks


    Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.33.36 pm.png
  • I'm trying to load HCODEMOCONTENT.tgz using Eclipse IDE.

    What I'm doing: under SAP HANA Modeler, I click on import -> SAP HANA Content -> Delivery Unit -> Select system to import...

    After this steps the following message is showed  "Insufficient privileges to perform Import Server operation"

    Is there someone here with any clue of what should I do to fix it?

  • Hi

    I had a problem sap hana cloud platform setting.

    I tried at Eclipse->window->preference->sever->sap hana cloud platform setting.

    I met a error like that.


    Waiting for help.


  • Hello Stoyan,

    Very good tutorial, but I'm new to HANA and I have some questiosn.

    1. It is possible to change the type of the graphic? If so, where?

    2. The query on salesOrderService is a HANA query or just a regular SQL query?

    3. I don't have much knowledge on .js or .xsjs. Do you have, by any chance, some material that would help me understand the "salesOrderService" and "Companies.view.js"?

    Once again, congrats for the tutorial and thank you for the help

  • Hello,

    I've followed the guide including the role grant step, but it still have some problems to run my application through hanatrial server. The debugger says that all information were selected correctly from SO_CV view, but when I tried to access my application<username>trial/solar/salesorder/ a message with "no data" appears in the top of the screen, that suddenly disappears and forwards to a blank page. I've tried with Safari and Chrome and the error persists for both browsers.

    Do you have any idea to fix the problem?

    Arthur Silva

  • Dear reader,

    > Step 1: Create SAP HANA Database Schema and SAP HANA Repository Package

    Please note that the HCP cockpit UI was redesigned and with this the "HANA Instances" navigation entry is no longer available.

    See the Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform from January 14.

    Instead, you navigate to your databases using the "Database Systems" navigation entry (alternatively, use "Databases & Schemas"), where you'll also find the option to create a new database.

    For example, the this step is described in the documentation for SAP HANA multitenant database containers:

    Best regards,


  • Hi All,

    I have recently started learning about HANA cloud tools. I was able to create and activate the hihanaxs project and relevant artifacts in Eclipse IDE. I have alse created a DB instance for the same in the cockpit. But i am unable to see any Application instance in the cockpit, so not sure how to run this app. Also i can see all the relevant files in my Cloud Editor.

  • Hi,

    one reason why you cannot see the app in the cockpit could be that the HANA XS application is only visible in the cockpit once you have activated it. Can you please check that?

    Here is a section in the documentation that could be helpful as well: Creating an SAP HANA XS Application (please see step "Test Your Application")

    Kind regards,


    • .setting file.PNG

      Hi Sylvia,

      thanks for the inputs. Yes i am facing eclipse encoding error while activating my project. I have already included the attached file in my  .settings folder in eclipse but still its throwing the below error. The name of my project is hihanaxs2. Any inputs on how to correct this.   

      Unsupported encoding ISO-8859-1 for the 'pxxxxxxxtrial.hihanaxs.hihanaxs2.".settings":org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs' file; only UTF-8 encoding is supported.

      Apply the quick fix to change the encoding settings.

      .setting file.PNG
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