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Summarization of Customer/Vendor line items in Contract Posting

Let us assume that there is a Real Estate Contract with many conditions of same due date or different.When we post this contract the system will generate as many line items of customer/vendor as there are conditions.Some of us demands that there should be one line item for customer/vendor or technically we want to summarize the documents.So, here is the configuration to achieve this ;


1. Create a Condition type say ZSS1 which will be used for summarizing all the conditions which you want to summarize.


2. Create a flow type say ZSS1 and assign this flow type to all the flow types which we want to summarize in the summarizing flow type field.


3. Assign reference flow type to the flow type ZSS1. Also assign the flow type ZSS1 to the condition type ZSS1.


4. Create a accounting symbol say ZSS1


5. Assign the accounting symbol ZSS1 to the flow type ZSS1 as well as to all the conditions which we want to summarize i.e. ZSS2 and ZSS3.


6. Replace the accounting symbol with G/L which you want to use.


7. Now Activate the Document Summarization in company code in Summarize documents Section


8. Assign the Summarizing flow type i.e. ZSS1 to Control of Line Item Summarization with Control of Due dates in Make Settings for Summarization Flow Type.You can use any control method for due dates.We are using method “0001 Only summarize If Due Date the same”


By doing this configuration we will get the summarized form of accounting documents generated which will look like :


In my case there were two conditions of same due date i.e. 01.04.2013 of amount INR 100 each, which when posted; the accounting document generated was of summarized form as shown in above screen shot.


Hope this document could help many of us!

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  • Dear Siddharth,

    I can’t describe your talent.

    But “I can’t give a rating for your doc ” then what I do, is Just one word is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing

    Kind Regards ,


      • Hello Siddharth

        Thank you very much for your document. My requirement is that I summarize line items for a customer with various contracts , one customer has 10 basic rent contracts in various spaces of the same company code. My client requires a summarized document of the customer items after RERAPP posting in Financials.

        I followed your steps , but when I was assigning account symbol to flow type , I could not assign the same account symbol for the summarized flow type to the flow types that are supposed to be summarized. That is:

        F/Type    F/Type Name                    Debit AcctTy  D/ Acc Sym  Cred/Acct Ty   Cred/acc.S                   

        Z501       Summarization Flow type  D                   D*                  S                     Z306

        1000       basis rent                           D                   D*                  S                     Z306

        Z306 is the summarization flow type , to summarize items for 1000 basic rent.

        Error: An entry already exists with the same key.

        How did you manage assigning the summarization symbol to the other flow types.



  • Hi Sid,

    One small doubt, what if I have to hit two separate GL for the conditions.

    The summarization will hit only one GL code, if I understand correctly.



      • Hi Sid,

        In the above example, ZSS1, ZSS2 & ZSS3 after summarization will hit the same GL account (the GL code which is assigned to account symbol ZSS1).

        In my case I have to hit separate GL code for each condition.



        • Hi Amar,

          you can assign multiple GLs as well while replacing the account symbols with GLs.

          Like in my case ZSS1 is a summarized account symbol and ZSS2,ZSS3 are normal conditions.

          You can use different GLs for normal conditions but with same Debit Account (with reference to my example) as then only our Summarization will be meeting our purpose.



  • Hello Siddharth,

    Thank you for such a nice document.

    i am trying to configure the same settings,

    i have a situation where there are already 7 condition types say.. (G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 and G7)which are already in use.

    i would like to activate Summarization for Customer Line items,

    Could you please guide me how to proceed,

    do i have to create new Condition type for Summarization? or can i use existed one..can you please elaborate?

  • Hello Ammare:

    Nice document, i have a query. For leasing contract we are using posting on straight line basis. As an example say my contract has following credentials

    Start Date : 01.01.2015 End Date 31.12.2016

    First Year Rent: 200000

    Second Year Rent: 240000

    Average Rent=1833 Per Month

    Posting Frequency is 2 lease installments per year so i will have following appearing in my customer ledger once periodic posting is done for two years

    Customer 100000 (01.01.2015-30.06.2015)

    Customer 100000 (01.07.2015-31.12.2015)

    Customer 120000  (01.01.2016-30.06.2016)

    Customer 120000 (01.07.2016-31.12.2016)

    beside above debit posting i will have my unearned account credited monthly for average SL rental of 1833 amount along with an IAS clearing account credited for summed amount of customer and debited by average SL rental of 1833 to make it ZERO. Configuration mentioned in your document enables summation of customer line item , i need it for IAS clearing account only that average SL rental postings which are shown for every month  should be summed to one amount only. Is it possible in any way ?