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Basis activities that are involved in UWL (Universal Worklist) setup


This document contains the steps that I followed from Basis perspective for setting up the UWL.


  • Portal system
  • Backend system
  • Relevant access


Certificate Exchange

  • Exchange the  SSO certificate between portal and backend system
  • Add the certificate in relevant backend client’s ACL
  • Establish a Jco connection to the backend
  • Navigate to system landscape page through http://<hostname>:<port no>/irj/portal/admin
  • Create the new connection by clicking “new”
  • Add the proper alias during connection creation
  • Once the Jco is in place test the connectivity.
  • If the test is successful, it is good to go for creation of UWL

Creation of UWL

  • Navigate to system configuration page through http://<hostname>:<port no>/irj/portal/admin.
  • Choose Universal worklist and Workflow
  • Choose “New”
  • Provide the system alias (It is advisable to add the system alias that was created during the Jco creation)  and connector type
  • Choose save
  • After creation register the WebFlowConnector by selecting the right alias. After registry, check the status (especially for any errors). Now it is ready for changes in backend.

Workflow configs in backend

  • Run the transaction SWU3
  • Configure the Configure RFC Destination, Maintain Workflow System Administrator, Maintain Active Plan Version, Classify Decision Task as General, Document Generation/Form Integration, Maintain Time Units, Schedule Background Job for Workflow Deadline Monitoring, Schedule Background Job for Work Items with Errors, Schedule Background Job for Condition Evaluation, Schedule background job for clearing report etc. This we can perform the automatic customizing.
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